Jan 29 2017 Mtg Minutes

Area Team Meeting January 29th 2017 - Salinas
Present: Anne, Caren, Cory, Danielle, Deirdre, Janelle, Laura C, Jim, Greg

1 - Support
Mamoru successfully moved from his old home to his liaison's home so no need to change schools. Cory Y agreed to be his new liaison. Lots of good team work to make this transition happen smoothly.

2 - Orientations
Janelle and Greg worked together in a small group to prepare a day-long mid-stay orientation at the Monterey Zoo in Salinas
(Update: The orientation went very smoothly. All students attended except Alice from SC).

3 - Chapter Chartering (Greg)
Presentation: The AFS model of cascading "non profits":
  • Each "AFS partner" (a country organization) is a non profit 
  • AFS USA is one of those non profits
  • AFS USA is composed of 84 Area Teams that function as non profits 
  • Steinbeck Coast Area Team is one of those.
  • Each Area Team can include local chapters that also function like non profits
  • Our Area Team includes Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula Chapters.
  • All three groups have at minimum a chair and a treasurer.
Expectations for each level : Leaders are elected, decisions are made by each group with transparency and democratically, finances are managed democratically. The mission stays the same but is simply executed on a smaller geographic scale each time.

The three principal activities of our Area Team and two Chapters.
A - Support - Our primary mandate is to support incoming and outgoing students and families during their AFS experience.
B - Growing our program - Each year in order to keep AFS allive across the globe every non profit is expected to expand the number of participants.
C - Manage our Teams - At every level we follow certain guidelines to make sure we are taking good care of our team - we also take good care of our volunteers.
See this page for details.

AFS USA supports our Area Team and our chapters financially by sending each one "co-support funds" every year based on the number of students in that geographic area. This helps cover the costs of our activities. As a non profit it is expected that we will spend this money each year.

AFS USA expects us to update the information about our three non profits (One Area Team and two Chapters) every year. This is called "chartering" or renewing our agreement (charter) with AFS.

(Update since our meeting: Both of our chapters, Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula, have renewed their charter as has the Area Team. Shanoa stepped down as the Salinas chair and Danielle agreed to take over. Mary T stepped down as the Salinas treasurer and Deirdre has agreed to be the treasurer for that chapter. The Montery Chapter officers remain the same. The Area Team treasurer Mary T gave us a 60 day notice to resign. Marie T has found a volunteer who has agreed to replace her. Greg agreed to contact her to open a discussion. She will need to be approved by the volunteers.)

4 - Sending
Caren put together a roster of all potential applicants interested in going abroad in order to call and offer them support/answer questions. Two volunteers agreed to help her out.
(Update: Caren was able to contact each student)

5 - Volunteer Development Brainstorm
The team agreed that our PRIMARY goal for 2016-17 in order to build our capacity and maintain our teams is to recruit and train more volunteers.
The team set a goal: 10 new volunteers
Strategies: a) Ask sister orgs like parent associations, girl scouts, churches b) Ask AFS alums
Our "ask": Share AFS's mission to increase peace in the world one student/family at a time. No one offered to champion this.

6 - Next Meeting
No date was set for the next meeting.