Dec 13 Meeting Minutes

AFS USA Steinbeck Area Team Leadership Meeting - December 13, 6:30 PM

Present: Deirdre O, Danielle A, Anne H, Caren M,  Marian C,  Nancy D, Cory Y, Greg R,  (meeting secretary)
Excused: Lynn M, Sonya M

1 - Report back from the Holiday Party
Holiday Party on Dec 4 went well! We had a good turn out including one potential outgoing student. Deirdre, Cory and her family worked hard. Due to miscommunication we did not have the side discussion groups with parents and liaisons and plan to rectify that next year. The time frame was a good one. People liked the food.
One suggestion: for future events the AT should buy an urn for hot water for tea.

2 - Support/Liaison updates
- Greg presented one support case that he is managing with AFS staff and Lynn M our support coordinator. Lynn is setting up a behavioral plan to be put in place. Volunteers were asked to start looking for potential one semester host families in the school community in the meantime - just in case the behaviroal plan doesn’t work.
- Four volunteers have begun offering support to liaisons to see what they might need.
- Deirdre expressed concern about the lack of compliance in our liaison reporting. She asked what the consequences of not being 100% compliant are. The answer is not clear.
- Greg sent out The 90 Day Evaluation tool to all students and families. Volunteers asked for it to be shared more widely. Greg will post it to the online group.

3 - Mid-year Orientation Feb 4
The usual location is at the Monterey Youth Center for a half day but that is not reserved. Most agreed it would be a good thing to do it overnight.  Janelle Cap has agreed to be one of the facilitators but we need more volunteers. All agreed it is urgent to reserve a place. Vols agreed we have lots of retreat centers in the hills along the coast and they will do research online. We still need one volunteer to take the lead on organizing this.

4 - Sending Goals for 2017
In 2015 we sent 10 students abroad.
In 2016 we sent 17 students
For 2017 we agreed to shoot for 20 students.
- Anne shared criteria of how our local Hawley Scholarship works and how it gives priority to local students.
- Greg asked how we could distribute brochures to promote sending to all active volunteers and present participants. Caren said she had them and planned to distribute them to key volunteers.
- Deirdre insisted how much she felt the year-long program really made a positive impact on the lives of participants.

5 - Hosting Goals for 2017
In 2015 we hosted 19 students, 
in 2016 we hosted 12
In 2017 our goal is to host 15.
A general discussion began about the limitations we have (Carmel will only take one student for instance) and the strengths (Gilroy and Gonzales were two potential sites for future hosting).
Caren shared that we are starting to receive applications from students abroad so we can use those in order to share them with people we talk to about hosting.

6 - Chapter Events
The Salinas Valley Chapter will be hosting an evening with the students to do presentations to anyone from the area who would like to meet them. They are keeping it open to students and families interested in AFS. Invitations have been sent out.
Discussion about Gilroy and Monterey teams hosting something similar

7 - Chaperoning Opportunities
Caren shared how AFS likes to reward volunteers with chaperoning opportunities - i.e. accompany a group of young people abroad. Cory and Greg both chaperoned in 2016. We strongly encourage volunteers to apply soon - deadline January 15, 2017. Here is the link to follow:

8 - Sponsored Programs Update
Danielle reported taking the sponsored program students on a beach cleaning day activity. One other student joined along. She is planning more activities for Feb and March.

9 - Treasury Update
- Greg (team chair) met with Mary (team treasurer) to discuss a projective budget. For the moment Mary is not able to clearly sort budget lines by activity.
- They are planning to work together again in the future but will wait til the Finance Dept releases its new guidelines in January 2017.
- Caren had been discussing our finances with them as well and says the Salinas Team has two checking accounts.

10 - Chapter chartering
Caren will work with the two chapter chairs, Shanoa and Jayanti, to get both chapters chartered.

11 - Marie
Volunteers expressed concern about Marie T, a veteran local volunteer, who has had some health concerns. Team agreed to buy her a plant. Greg will take care of it.

12 - Next meetings: SAVE THE DATES
Next phone meeting: Jan 9, 2017 6:30-7:30 PM
Next face to face Meeting: January 29, 2017, 10AM to 12PM followed by potluck lunch at Anne’s home in Prunedale. Details to follow.

Future Business:
Volunteers asked that those who attended the Baltimore Conference share some of their findings with the volunteers.