Aug 2 Area Team Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2016 - Area Team Meeting Minutes

Present: Cory, Marian, Caren, Larissa, Jayanti, Roy, Greg (Secretary)


Greg began with an apology in an oversight of the timing of the meeting. It clashed with the timing of the New Host Family Orientation.

1 - Airport Pickups

AFS Travel informed us today of the change of flights for the Japanese student Yotaru - who will be arriving with the other three students on August 10. Marian said she did not have enough room but would reach out to the host dad who had offered to drive.

If he can’t then she will reach out on the online group.

Caren informed us that having host families pick up students is not against AFS policy.

2 - Caren’s Return to TDS Position

Caren explained her recuperation has been very very slow. She will be returning on August 8th part time with the help of another AFS TDS Adam Mathis.

3 - Host Family Growth for this year

Caren discussed recruiting more host families and asked about the roster from the Monterey International Festival. No one knew if those leads had been followed up on.

Marian agreed she would like to see 3 or 4 more host families.

Volunteer thoughts: Monterey could take one more. Someone mentioned Pacific Grove.

York high school would take another one.

Greg mentioned SC : last year we had 5 students and this year 0. Marie T had expressed to Greg that this is the first year in a very long time there would be no AFS student at her local high,

Jayanti suggested Marina would be good place to target.

4 - Arrivals Orientation 

Jayanti will be getting help from Mariah and a couple other young returnees for the Welcome Orientation on Aug 13th. Printed materials are ordered. Host parents will be able to hang out afterwards and ask questions.

5 - Liaisons 

All hosted students and families are lined up with a liaison. Danielle worked very hard before her departure to get liaisons for the many students. Some volunteers have yet to finish their Liaison online training.

6 - New Host Family Orientation

Tonight Jim and Marie were hosting five host families for a New Host Family Orientation

Caren expressed concerns about host families - particularly for YES students - choosing not to attend a face to face orientation. Caren will reach out to Sonya and ask her to contact the YES host families near her.  Jayanti said she will leave time for the host families at the end of the Arrival Orientation.

7 - Christopher High School

Greg explained that some documents are missing for the Gilroy hosted students as their high school as changed registrars. Caren said she will follow up on this to make sure they have a copy of all their documents.

8 - Second arrivals

Caren said AFS has announced that the second arrivals of hosted students will take place on Sept 8

9 - September 11 - 2016-2017 Launch Day

Greg reminded the team that we had agreed to replace the potluck with a mandatory activity for all host families and hosted students to officially launch the school year. This will be a day for all the host families to meet, to be registered on the Facebook page and also to be actively work on communication.

Greg invited the team to see this as a “Family Change Prevention Day” in that he will offer various activities on basic conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication skills, so that families and students have tools to manage potential conflict BEFORE they become a problem.

There will be a barbecue as well.

Greg will put out an online curriculum for the day for volunteers to sign up for different activities.

10 - October 1-2 — Paicenes Post-Arrival Orientation

This is our annual overnight orientation.

We still need a coordinator for this orientation.

Caren asked if there was a way to get the parents together for their own time - question and answer.

Cory offered to host the parents at her home on Saturday morning for post arrival questions and exercises. Then volunteers will drive the students to Paicienes.

Marian suggested Greg would be a good person to run this orientation. He said he likes doing that but that the needs to be careful to not take on too many tasks.

11 - Online communication

Greg asked volunteers what they see as a strategy for increasing the number of volunteers to join the online email group. For the moment we have 44 registered volunteers and 19 are on the online group. Larissa suggested in her experience with non profits we just need to keep reaching out to volunteers. Marian suggested I can enter some of the names into the group they way I did with her.

NOTE SINCE OUR MEETING: When I try to invite people via the Google group it recognizes the email addresses of people who have already been invited and says that it will not send the invitation again since it is still waiting on a reply from them.