April 17 2017 Team Meeting Minutes

Monday April 17 Area Team Meeting Minutes
Present: Marian, Anne, Deirdre, Caren, Danielle, Gordon, Greg,
Absent excused: Jayanti, Cory

I - Organizing May 7 Team Wide Event
1 - General framework
  • The team has agreed to host a picnic to conduct two orientations at
  • Royal Oaks - Park - first Group area on the right on Sunday May 7th
  • Caren will send out the invites
  • Sonya will do the Pre Departure Orientation (local students going abroad)
  • Janelle the Pre Return Orientation (international students preparing to return home on June 26, 2017)
  • Greg will facilitate a discussion for the host parents - present and future
  • Greg will lead the appreciation thank-yous with help from other volunteers

2 - Format
12-1:30 - Lunch BBQ with introductions - volunteers will be attentive to introducing returnees and departing students to hosted as well as past and future host parents.
1:30-3:30 - Break into three groups :
  • PDO orientation for departing students,
  • PRO orientation for hosted students
  • Host family support group - preparing for departure
3:30-4:30 - Cake, drinks, Appreciation time

3 - Invitee List
The team agreed we should invite all of the following:
  • Hosted students and families
  • Departing students and families
  • Returnees
  • Volunteers
  • Natural families of present students abroad

4 - Mode of invitation
The team agreed on the idea of an Evite-type online invitation with a follow up phone call:
Caren agreed to send the email invitation with an RSVP date of - May 1st
Caren will ask for vegetarians
Greg encouraged team members to follow up in their area with phone calls to make sure people got the invitation and to let them know how pleased we are to welcome them.

5 - Nuts and Bolts
The following people agreed to bring:
Banner, Cups, napkins and plates, Coffee machine, Ice chest + ice - Marian and Gordon
Name tags, Table cover rolls, Food, Beverages, cake - Deirdre
Potted plants for hosted students to give to host parents - Greg
2 Foldable shelters - Caren, Deirdre

II - Next Meeting
The team agreed to meet face to face on Saturday May 27 - 10AM-2PM
Several central locations were discussed but a final one is yet to be determined