Team Overview

“For over 60 years, AFS has been bringing intercultural awareness into our communities through thousands of high school students who participate in our sending and hosting programs. This is a life-changing experience for the students, our families and communities that last well beyond the students’ stay.

At AFS Southern New England Team, our mission is to contribute to a more just and peaceful world through intercultural learning. Our objective is to provide the prospective students, families, and schools in our area all the information they need regarding AFS Intercultural Programs. We hope that you will join us!”

– AFS Southern New England Team Co-Chairs

Where are we located?

Our team area covers Connecticut (except Fairfield County) and Western Massachusetts. Within our organization, we have community-based chapters that represent AFS at a local level.

What’s Going on in Our Area?

Here are the key numbers from our area:

  • Over 30 Volunteers
  • 20 – Students hosted in our Team Area
  • 13 – U.S. students sent abroad for a year, semester or summer programs

Our AFS Team’s website is currently being developed. In the meantime, review the resources below to get involved locally. Contact AFS if you have any questions.

AFS Local & National Scholarships


Southern New England Team