Team Overview

Welcome to the AFS and the Silver and Gold Region!

We have our name because we encompass portions of both Northern California (nicknamed the Golden State) and Nevada (the Silver State).  We can boast that our area contains the two state capitals, Sacramento and Carson City, as well as the gorgeous Lake Tahoe region.

We have been active since the 1950’s and today we have a strong team that is able to welcome and support visiting students along with their host families as well as preparing our region’s students to journey abroad on AFS exchange programs.

Open Volunteer Positions

Reconnect with AFS!

The Silver and Gold AFS community is a vibrant mix of returnees, host families, educators, and others who believe in the power of intercultural learning. Whether you’ve studied abroad or not, connecting with AFS locally brings the wide world to you.

Wondering how you can get involved?

“I want to do something meaningful, but I don’t have a lot of time.”

No problem. Pitch in for a few hours to:

  • Interview prospective students and host families.
  • Mentor an applicant.
  • Help with a school presentation.
  • Accompany students on outings and orientations.

“I’d like to put my professional skills to use for AFS.”

We especially need people with experience in:

  • Counseling
  • Database management
  • Marketing and PR

“I want to meet new friends.”

Join us for our our fun and casual potlucks – all are invited. Check our online calendar or Facebook page for information about our next get together!

“I’m a good organizer.”

Be a team leader for:

  • Interviewing students and families
  • Volunteer development
  • School relations

“I want to connect with a student.”

Provide friendship and support as a:

  • Liaison, the key contact for the student and host family
  • Temporary or emergency host family
  • Mentor for students going abroad

We welcome your time, your talents and your commitment to global understanding.
To learn more, email us:
 [email protected]

We are currently looking for:

School Liaison – Introduce yourself to a nearby school principal and/or counselor, drop off AFS materials, and ask if they’d like to schedule an AFS presentation in foreign language classes or the counseling center.
School Presenter – Do you have time during the day and enjoy speaking publicly about AFS? Provide 20-45 minute presentations about AFS study abroad & host family opportunities in schools.
Sending Interviewer – Interview  study abroad applicants. Right now, we have a need in Elk Grove, El Dorado, Sacramento, Yuba City and Sparks.
Returnee Mentor – Are you eager to share your experiences with students preparing to study abroad?

AFS Local & National Scholarships

Contact our Area Team

Contact us: [email protected]

Calendar of Events

Silver and Gold Events that are HIGHLIGHTED are mandatory for students.


Silver & Gold Team