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Dena - Female from EGYPT - 16 yrs. old

Dena is a clever, hardworking and cooperative student who is always eager to learn. She is full of ambition and really appreciates and loves success. Dena's favorite activity is swimming; it keeps her mood high, develops her strength and flexibility, and is something she really enjoys. She also enjoys basketball, photography, and singing in the school choir. When not busy with school, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Together, they go shopping, watch movies, and just enjoy having fun together. Dena aspires to become an ambassador in the future. Cats and dogs OK.

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Lea - Female from GERMANY - 16 yrs. old

Dancing is one thing Lea cannot live without. "Dancing is my passion! When I dance, I forget all my problems," she said. Lea has been dancing for three years and practices once per week for two hours. She also attends Tae-Kwon-Do twice per week with her dad. Whenever she gets the chance she cooks and eats with her family. On the weekends, she like meeting up with her friends. In her spare time, she likes to study. Her favorite subjects are English and German. She also takes Spanish and French. Another hobby is reading. She likes reading thrillers or science fiction novels like Twilight. Cats and dogs OK.

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Oliver - Male from GERMANY - 16 yrs. old

Oliver is a calm, reliable, honest, sincere, trusting and organized young man. He doesn't have one best friend, but is very social and has many good and reliable friends instead. Oliver's favorite leisure activity is playing golf, and he also plays the piano and skis during the winter. He volunteers for the Red Cross and for one week each summer he volunteers at a youth camp in his village community. At school, Oliver is most impressed by the natural sciences. He recently interned at a hospital, and after high school he would like to earn his medical degree and become a cardiologist. Cats and dogs OK.

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Francesca - Female from ITALY - 17 yrs. old

Francesca is a polite, honest, responsible, positive and respectful young woman whose friends say she’s very unselfish. Her personality is a bit introspective and she finds herself drawn to quiet and more personal forms of self-expression like drawing and dance. Drawing relaxes her and she loves to see how the image slowly takes shape; seeing a finished piece of work gives her a beautiful sensation. She practices modern and Latin dancing and always looks forward to performing with her group at the annual festivals. As much as her studies allow, Francesca spends her free time with her friends. Cats and dogs OK.

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Bhrompong- Male from THAILAND - 15 yrs. old

When Bhrompong was a little boy, his parents nicknamed him Tonnam, which translates to "the beginning of all things." He lives with his mother, father, and younger brother, who is one of his closest friends. Tonnam loves spending time with his family and grandparents, and plays badminton with his father every week. He is also a big soccer fan, and watches matches on TV with friends, and competes on a local team. Tonnam is mature, responsible, and very active in his school and community, where he volunteers for projects that clean the streets or tutor other students. Cats and dogs OK.

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Palida- Female from THAILAND - 15 yrs. old

Palida is outgoing and fun loving. Her friends and family describe her as friendly, funny, and easy going. She is adventurous and loves to try new things. She adjusts well to new situations. At home she likes to play with her sisters and help her mother with the chores. During the holidays her family likes to travel to the beach, where Palida and her sisters enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Her main passions are music and dance; she plays the piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet. She also loves to sing. Playing music always makes her feel happy and relaxed. She can't wait to meet her host family! Cats and dogs OK.

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