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Are You Curious About What It Is Like To Be An AFS Exchange Student?

Meet Sabrina Berger, an AFS Returnee who studied abroad in Italy. Sabrina is from Clayton Valley and currently attends UC Berkeley. Here, she explains why she chose to study abroad with AFS:

Three different reasons why I wanted to study abroad with AFS:
  • I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be thrilled by a new continent and country. I wanted to see new and diverse places and people in the country I studied abroad in.
  • I knew AFS would give me a really amazing support system. From an Italian language learning program before and during my exchange to a personal liaison to talk to about any problem I was having while abroad, I knew I would feel well supported by AFS abroad and back at home.
  • I wanted to learn to speak a new language fluently and develop a fluency you're only able to during your formative years or during high school.

Interview: Women in STEM and beyond: meet Sabrina Berger

Meet Miharu, an exchange student from Kanazawa-Shi Ishikawa, Japan who lived in Saratoga, CA where she attended high school with her host sister. Here is why Miharu chose to study abroad with AFS:

First, I want to be able to communicate with many foreigners, and I want to know and experience different cultures.

Second, my dream is to play an active part in dancing in the world and save poor children. I need English to realize my dream, so I want to learn English. I want to try something.

My motto is; “You can't make an omelet  without breaking eggs." This makes me keep challenging many things and break dancing is one of them. Of course, the AFS year is my new challenge.

Follow Blogs of Two Bay Area Students Who Are Spending a Year Abroad 

Corie from Pleasanton left this Fall to study for a year in Egypt on an academic program. Check out her real life experience of what life is like as an exchange student in Egpyt in her BLOG. Corie blog is a fun read to learn about life as an exchange student and Egyptian life. 

Reanna from San Rafael left this Summer on a community service program to Paraguay. Reanna has always had a passion for working with people with disabilities and she is spending a year after high school to volunteer in Paraguay. Check out her blog to learn more about taking a gap year in her BLOG. 


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