Hosted Student Presentations

What you need to know:
Hosted Student Presentations

Hello Students,

Here is a summary of how you will make two presentations.  This is a REQUIREMENT for ALL hosted students.

Why?  Because you are the "face" of cultural exchange in your school and community.  You are part of something bigger than yourself.  It may be hard to see it sometimes—but believe it.  Your actions have a major impact on bringing people around the world together.

Help make your country real for your audience, not just a point on the globe.


  • Each of you will make two presentations to your peers before the end of April.
  • At least one will be a classroom presentation.
  • The other presentation can be:
    • to a class again, or
    • to a group you belong to, or any other interested group (see examples below).
  • Talk to your teachers and find one who will agree on a date to make your first presentation.
  • Report details of each presentation here when you are done.

PowerPoint Templates

  • We have two different Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates to help you get started:
  • Choose the template you like most, then customize/change the template with your own wording and pictures.

  • The templates have “starter” words for you on each screen to give you ideas of what to say.  All you have to do is change the words to fit you and your country.
  • Here is one sample screen from each template:

 Report Details About Your Presentation - Required
  • Students must report their presentations at .  (Everyone can access this link,  google account or email not required.
  • Submit a separate form for each presentation you make.


We will be holding a raffle—$100 prize!—before your end of stay in the U.S.  You increase your chance of winning with each presentation you do.

  • Every student will get 2 raffle tickets after completing and recording the 2 required presentations.
  • If you do 5 presentations, you will earn 5 raffle tickets.

The information above is just an overview. To create and make your presentation, click on the link below (Detailed Checklist) to open a step-by-step guide:

Detailed Checklist (including Timeline and links)


If you have difficulty opening the templates or checklist, email (be sure to include your name in the message if it’s not in your email address).

If you need some help with what to say in your presentation, ask your fellow hosted students what they’re saying.  Also brainstorm with your liaison and your host family.  If you’re having trouble finding a teacher at your school to let you make a presentation, talk with a school counselor or your liaison about doing a lunch presentation with interested students.  (If you bring food, everyone will love you.)

Other examples of groups you can speak to:

  • Ask English or History teachers if you can present to a Freshman/sophomore class instead of your own grade level class.
  • Clubs you are part of at school, such as Key Club, language club, theater, band
  • Sports Teams: soccer, swimming, tennis
  • Churches and Youth Groups
  • Your Host family's Groups (Employer, Church, PTA, Civic Group, etc.)
  • Your Liaison's Groups (Employer, Church, PTA, Civic Group, etc.)
  • AFS Info Session or other events

Thank you for taking an active role in fostering understanding of other countries and cultures in your community.