Northwest California Area Team

Welcome to Our Area Team

Our new students are arriving.  There will be many opportunities to meet them and share our wonderful community with them. 

Where are we Located?

Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties in rural northern California on the coast. 

South Africa Presentation

AFS Presentation on South Africa

The community is invited to attend a special presentation about South Africa on Tuesday, November 13, 7 -8:30 PM at Jacoby Creek School. Denzil Jonas, a State Department scholarship student from South Africa and John Palmquist, the outdoor activity coordinator for AFS NW California, will talk about their experiences working together on a cooperative project that involves student and adult representatives from both countries. This team is working to create handbooks for US families hosting students from South Africa and South African families hosting students from the USA. They will share the insights into each other’s cultures they have gained through their work on this project. There will be a social time from 6:30-7.

AFS-USA (formerly the American Field Service), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a leader in intercultural learning and offers international exchange programs in more than 40 countries around the world through independent, nonprofit AFS Organizations.  For more information, call 707-822-0727 or contact local volunteers at

How can you get Involved?

Bring international awareness into your home this year. AFS Intercultural Programs is looking for host families for high school exchange students coming from more than 90 countries for the 2012-13 school year. You'll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself, your family and community by hosting a student from another culture or being a volunteer.  There is an opportunity to support public diplomacy initiatives by hosting a government sponsored scholar on the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program. These AFS Intercultural Program high school exchange students receive full merit-based scholarships to study in the US for a semester or year. In 2011-12 there were 6 of these students placed in the Eureka-Arcata area. One of the students for 2012-13 is from the Philippines and she likes to keep fit by playing badminton and riding her bike. She is involved with her local scout troop and enjoys going camping and spending time in the outdoors with friends. Opportunities for volunteers and for students to go abroad are also available.  More information is available at <>  or by phone at 1-800-876-2377. Locally contact AFS volunteers at 707-822-0719 or 707-834-0365.