Cedar Point Trip

AFS Day at Cedar Point

When:          Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Who:            AFS Students, Host Family, Friends
You are on your own for transportation.  If you need a ride we will have a few cars leaving from the Holiday Inn on Rockside Rd. in Independence.  We will leave promptly at 8:00 am and will return around 9:00 pm.

Time:           Park opens at 10:00 am.
Closes at 10:00 pm
Meet at 9:30 with cash to purchase tickets (exact change appreciated, credit cards not accepted).  Christina will be in a red AFS T-Shirt near the ticket window.  Call if you need assistance finding her:  216-407-1079
Cost:            $TBD Grade 7th – 12th grade, and all adults
$TBD Grade k-6th Grade
This year Cedar Point opens its 18th roller coaster, Valravn. Riders on Valravn are carried more than 20 stories up to the top of the coaster’s 223-foot-tall first hill. Once there, the train is held perilously over the edge of the first drop for approximately four seconds, giving anxious guests unparalleled views of the park before free-falling a record 214 feet at a completely vertical, 90-degree angle, reaching a top speed of 75 mph!

There is a pavilion right outside the park.  You may bring a lunch.  We will have several tables reserved for AFS and will have bottled water and soft drinks. 
Please reserve your tickets with Christina Kowalski, cmkowalski@wowway.com.