Host a Student

Are you considering hosting a student?

As an AFS-USA Host Family, you will open your home to a new family member. You will share your culture, traditions and your version of America and forever impact your student's life and your own. Through this experience, you will be contributing to public diplomacy, peace and the growth of future global leaders.

Participants are carefully matched and Volunteers are always on hand to make sure that you and your student have the support and tools you need for a positive experience.

Share Your World by Becoming a Host Family

Each year, AFS-USA exchanges close to 13,000 students, young adults and teachers from around the world who want to experience living and studying in another country. In the U.S. we host more than 2,800 international high school students. The experience of studying abroad in the U.S. is unparalleled.

Why Host an AFS-USA Exchange Participant?
  • Enrich your family’s daily life simply by sharing it with a young person from another cuountry and culture
  • Introduce a new culture and customs to your children
  • See the U.S. and our culture through new eyes
  • Develop a lifelong connection with your hosted participant and his or her family
  • Help an outstanding young person grow into a more confident and knowledgeable adult
You can have a greater impact on international relations than you ever imagined. Host an AFS-USA high school exchange student and help a young person learn about your America.

Is Hosting Right for Your Family?

Host families in the Northeast Ohio Area come in all shapes and sizes -- families with teenagers, families with younger children or families with no kids at home.  Right now, single parent, multi-generational and gay/lesbian-headed families from California to New York  and everywhere in between are serving as AFS-USA host families.  For more information about what is involved in hosting, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Share Your World!

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