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Bringing the world to your classroom
Please read this great article written by AFS volunteer and teacher Heather McBride about the many benefits of having an exchange student in the classroom...

High school exchange student bids farewell to Montclair– 7/4/15

Read about the perspective of an AFS student from Norway on school in the USA: School was an adjustment. "Homework," she said. "We never had a lot of homework in Norway. And here we had tests every day - I've never taken so many tests in my entire life.

Exchange Student on Manchester Schools' Experience
Front Page, Ocean County, The Manchester Times - July 2, 2015

Thomas is 18 years old and lives in Maffliers, France. Pitch is 17 years old and lives in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Both Pitch and Thomas chose America as their top choice of countries to visit; both were chosen by a family in Manchester to experience school and life in the United States

Enrich Your Family With an Exchange Student

Baristanet – 06/28/15

A student in Montclair tells of his AFS year: “They accept you as you are here,” says Morris, who has made lots of friends at Montclair High School. His host family, the Kramers, have made his adjustment especially easy."

NJ Student wins AFS Project Change Award

Each year, AFS-USA offers a scholarship to inspire students to come up with world-changing projects. In 2015, from 500 applications, the winner was Sam Harshbarger of Cranbury, New Jersey.  He will be travelling to Russia this summer. We are very proud of him.
A full report appears in The Paramus Post  February 4, 2014
And a video shot by AFS-USA 

LHS Receives AFS Award

Livingston High School received a "Top School" award from AFS at a ceremony at the school.
There were several articles in the local press as well as an editorial in the West Essex Tribune.

The Livingston Patch - March 6, 2014

The Alternative Press  - March 10, 2014

1963 Exchange Student Meets 2014 Group

Fifty years ago, Sergio Burani, an Italian 17 year old, came to the USA on an AFS Exchange Program. In February, he met with this year's AFS students. An emotional event. 

The Alternative Press - February 21, 2014

Underwater hockey, coming to New Jersey?

Our New Zealand AFSer. Jemma Cromme, revealed that she plays underwater hockey downunder. This caused quite a stir and resulted in press about AFSers playing sports as a quick way to integrate. - September 20, 2013