Meet Claudia from Italy

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Claudia is a thoughtful, independent student who loves
spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys a variety
of activities, including drawing, playing tennis and volleyball,
sailing, and playing chess. Her favorite subjects in school are
math, science, Italian, and English. She would like to study
medicine in college and one day become a surgeon. In her free
time, she likes bowling, playing pool, watching movies, and
walking around town with friends. She is excited to come to the
US to experience another culture, improve her English, and
become part of an American family!

Meet Valentina from Argentina

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Valentina maintains happy, close relationships with her friends
and family. She is very social and loves to spend time with her
group of friends. She joined a youth group called Missionaries
of Mercy, and sometimes plays guitar and sings at their
gatherings. But her greatest passion is riding horses. She has
three horses, her favorite of which is Charlie, the one she is
training to jump! She placed third in a championship
competition last year. She loves animals of all kinds! She hopes
to one day work with animals and live among nature. She looks
forward to experiencing a true American town!

Meet Katerina from Czech Republic

Age (at arrival): 17 years

Meet, Katerina, or Kate, from the Czech Republic. Kate is an
athletic girl who has tried several sports, but her true passion
lies in volleyball. She says she could play all the time! Kate
also enjoys being outdoors and cycling, skiing, and skating.
Away from sports, she plays the piano and enjoys reading and
watching television. Her family and friends describe her as
outgoing and helpful, as well as competitive. After high school,
she hopes to study law and perhaps even work abroad. She is
excited to improve her English and prioritize her interests while
in the US!

Meet Mazen from Egypt

Age (at arrival): 17

Mazen shares a close relationship with both his family and
friends in Egypt. He likes to help around his home and
sometimes even cooks! Mazen is very interested in engineering
and hopes to one day become a successful engineer. A
responsible, respectful and sociable student, Mazen's teachers
are impressed with his overall character. Hoping to discover a
new world and become more independent in the process, he is
looking forward to participating in this exchange program.
Mazen is excited to meet his host family after his arrival to his

Meet Pablo from Spain

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Pablo is an open-minded, independent young man who says he
has always wanted to study abroad. He lives in a large Spanish
city with his parents and two brothers. He is excited to share the
food and culture of his home country with his host family. Pablo
is a dedicated tennis player who practices daily and competes
often. He also enjoys playing soccer, floor hockey, swimming,
surfing, skiing, and mountain biking. His favorite subject in
school is physics and he hopes to go on to study aeronautical
or mechanical engineering. Pablo's looking forward to making
new friends during his year with AFS!

Meet Tasuku from Japan

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Tasuku is a kind and studious young man who enjoys learning
about new cultures. He is outgoing at school and has a large
group of friends. Tasuku is a member of the table tennis club
and they practice 3 times a week. At school, Tasuku enjoys
writing. He recently won an essay writing contest. As a member
of his school's student council, he wants to make sure all
students' voices are heard. Tasuku values family and friends
and has a strong relationship with his parents. In the future, he
would like to study foreign cultures at university. Tasuku hopes
to one day become a licensed tour guide.

Meet Zoe from Italy

Age (at arrival): 17 years

Zoe is a hard-working student with a sunny personality and
natural curiosity. She is talkative, which may explain why she
loves foreign languages and views communication as
fundamental. As an only child, she looks forward to living with
host siblings. Zoe lives a healthy lifestyle, eating wholesome
foods and getting regular outdoor exercise. A friendly extrovert,
she was elected class representative three times. She loves
exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting
new people. Zoe adores the movies and is involved in filmmaking.
She is very open-minded and accepting of people.

Meet Milagros from Paraguay

Age (at arrival): 16

Milagros is a cheerful and studious girl. Her dream is to go to
medical school abroad and bring back her training to help
improve Paraguay's health system. Beyond the medical field,
she loves learning languages. She speaks four languages:
English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani, a native
Paraguayan language. Her parents describe her as
responsible, organized, and extroverted. She lived abroad
before when she was younger and thanks to her outgoing
personality she was able to make friends easily. When Milagros
is not with her friends she loves spending time with her two
young nephews.

Meet Lina from Gaza Strip

Age (at arrival): 15 years

Lina is outgoing, energetic and independent young lady from
the Gaza Strip. She loves to play "qanun", an eastern music
instrument. Lina likes to listen to all sorts of music and to read.
Her main goal is to become a lawyer in the future and to
develop her playing abilities. Lina's teachers are impressed with
her overall character. Hoping to discover a new world and
become more independent in the process, she is looking
forward to participating in this exchange program. Lina is
excited to meet her host family after her arrival to her
community. Arrival to host community: Fri 18 Aug.
Meet Amanda from Brazil

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Amanda is trustworthy, polite and patient and has a passion for
learning. She loves animals so much that she considers
becoming a veterinarian. She also loves fashion so she might
like to be a fashion designer. She has good relationships with
her fellow students and her teachers. She is very close to her
twin brother, but would really enjoy having a host sister around
her age. She thinks being an exchange student will be
amazing! She looks forward to being in a culture totally different
from hers so she can become more mature and independent.
Amanda can't wait to experience American culture!
Program length: Semester.
Meet Alberto from Italy

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Alberto is an outgoing, independent student who loves to make
people laugh. He is a huge soccer fan and loves both playing
on his soccer team and watching it on TV. He also enjoys
playing basketball and skiing. His favorite subject in school is
history because it helps explain how the world became what it
is today. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends. He
also likes reading sci-fi and fantasy books, which allow him to
be transported to other worlds. He is excited to come to the
USA to better understand the world, to experience a new
culture, and to meet an amazing host family! 
Meet Ophelie from Germany

Age (at arrival): 15

Ophelie is a creative, outgoing animal lover who is always up
for trying something new. She likes cooking, music of all kinds,
movies, literature, and art. Ophelie is a kind-hearted girl who
volunteers at the local youth club helping disabled children. She
does well in school and has exceptionally good English skills.
Her favorite hobbies are drawing, horseback riding, and writing.
Ophelie has close relationships with her family and friends. She
lives with her mother, a rabbit named Sushi, and two guinea
pigs names Maggy and JoJo. She is excited about living life as
part of an American family.  

Meet Helena from Germany

Age (at arrival): 16 years

Helena is described as sincere, friendly, and considerate.
Helena is on the swim team, dance team and maintains nearly
a straight A average in school! She also plays the piano, and
hopes to keep swimming and dancing or to be part of a
cheerleading squad while in the USA. Helena is family oriented,
she and her two younger sisters spend time at her both her
mother's and father's homes. She loves studying English,
especially reading and writing in English. The words, "there's
so much to discover and experience in the world" is the reason
for Helena's decision to study abroad with AFS.