Please use these supplied forms for all reimbursements and donations.

Download Expense Report

Download Mileage Donation Form

Expense Report should be used for all expenses other than Mileage Donation to AFS. If asking for mileage reimbursement, the MissTennKy approved rate is $0.25 per mile. Approved mileage reimbursement for Orientations (Fall, Mid Year, and Pre-Return) for out of town chapters only. All other mileage reimburement will need pre-approval from the Area Team.

The Mileage Donation Form should be used only for Contributing mileage to AFS for tax purposes.
This form calculates mileage donation by the AFS approved mileage donation rate of $0.45 per mile. *see footnote

When requesting either mileage reimbursement or donation, all mileage should be supported by a map. Please print a map showing starting point and ending point as well as the actual mileage used and use a paperclip (DO NOT STAPLE) to attach them to the expense report or mileage reimbursement forms.

When turning in Expense Reports or Mileage Donation Forms, please send the Original Receipts along with the form (and any maps) to:
Karen King
AFS MissTennKy Treasurer
481 Broome Road, Apt. #209
Knoxville, TN 37909

Please retain a copy of the expense report as well as a copy of the original receipts and maps for your records.

Tax Exempt Form


*When writing off mileage donations to AFS for tax purposes, there are two ways to go about this:

1. The volunteer is responsible for keeping up with their own mileage using a log book and/or saving actual gas receipts. The volunteer is responsible  for keeping up with the IRS per mile rate. As of 09/13/2012 it is currently at $0.14 per mile (found here), however this could change annually. The volunteer is responsible for keeping up with their own records; or
2. The volunteer may use a Mileage Donation Form setting the per mile rate at $0.45 per mile supported by a map and send those to the treasurer to receive a tax letter for their records. AFS is then responsible for keeping the records of the donation paperwork for tax purposes.