Who To Call For Help

Who to Call For Help:

Help Using Global Link

Sarah Yancey            314-968-1395(h)   sarahcyancey@sbcglobal.net
Debbie Veatch           636-256-9470 (h)  dveatch@charter.net
                                   314-578-1530 (c)

Registration, Re-Registration, Password, Log-in Issues   vol.reg@afsusa.org

Trainings           DoSTrainings@afsusa.org

Student Orientations & Travel to Student Orientations:

Jan Feldman      417-489-6650    jaspurcat@gmail.com

Travel-Independently, with host family or with natural family:

Kim Mandrell   636-527-7433(h)         kimzgreys@charter.net
                        314-402-0654(c)         kimberley.mandrell@covidien.com

Support (Adjustment Concerns Within Family & School):

Families and students should begin by contacting their own liaison.  Please ask Conni Reitz at creitz11@gmail.com if you need contact information for your liaison.

Support Coordinators

Jeanne Hotle    636-394-4203(h)   jeannehotle@gmail.com
Dave Hotle       314-602-0783 (C)  davehotle@gmail.com

Liaison Coordinator:

Conni Reitz  618-401-5379    creitz11@gmail.com

Hosting Coordinator:

James Butler    618-558-3614 (c)  314-989-9927 (h)   jbutler@afsusa.org

Sending Coordinators:

Karen Seal          314-423-1636(h)   klsstl@charter.net
Phil Duyff             314-308-2949 (c)   phil@duyff.com

Area Team Chairperson:

Gayle Huslebus   573-219-9254        ghulsebus@gmail.com     

Area Team Chair Elect:

Bill Neubert     314-378-9161    neubertwj@gmail.com

Sponsored Program Cluster Coordinators:

Sarah Yancey      314-968-1395(h)   sarahcyancey@sbcglobal.net
Gayle Huslebus   573-219-9254        ghulsebus@gmail.com
Bonnie Duyff        314-651-4371       rduyff@duyff.com
Phil Duyff             314-308-2949       phil@duyff.com

Volunteer Coordinator:

Sarah Yancey   314-968-1395(h)       sarahcyancey@sbcglobal.net

Area Team Treasurer:

Debbie Veatch   636-256-9470    dveatch@charter.net

Faces of America:

Suzanne Sebert    
Debbie Veatch   636-256-9470    dveatch@charter.net

Team Development Specialist:

James Butler    618-558-3614 (c)  314-989-9927 (h)   jbutler@afsusa.org

Webmaster: (looking for a replacement)

Debbie Veatch     636-256-9470(h)   dveatch@charter.net

For Emergencies:

James Butler    618-558-3614 (c)  314-989-9927 (h)   jbutler@afsusa.org
AFS outside regular office hours  1- 800-237-4636 or 1-800-AFS-INFO (for emergencies, press 9)
Global Medical Management  1-888-444-7773