Team Overview

“Thank you for visiting the web site of the AFS Minn-Kota area team! Our organization connects high school students in Southern Minnesota, South Dakota and the world through our international exchange programs. We invite you to keep reading and learn more about the opportunities available with our team!”

– Seth De Penning, AFS Volunteer Chair

AFS has an extensive history in some of our communities and in others we are newly building an AFS network of families and volunteers. Some of our volunteers have long experience and some are new to global exchange. However, we all share a passion for learning about new cultures, involving families in the unique experience of hosting, and supporting students who are interested in becoming AFS Exchange Students.

Our AFS Team’s website is currently being developed. In the meantime, review the resources below to get involved locally. Contact AFS if you have any questions.

AFS Local & National Scholarships


Minn-Kota Team