Engage in meaningful work that matches your skills, interests, and schedule...

...for as little as a few hours a month.

Support International Students and Host Families

Foster intercultural understanding by working directly with nearby exchange students and their host families in your community.
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Build Connections with Local Schools and Organizations

Encourage new communities to explore the world by engaging with schools, organizations and businesses in your area.
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Bring Exchange Students to Southeastern Wisconsin

Introduce families to the benefits of hosting an exchange student and encourage them to open their doors.

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Prepare American Students Going Abroad

Help students achieve their dreams of studying abroad by guiding them through the process and sharing cultural insights.
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Coordinate Volunteers Locally

Reach out to new volunteers across Southeastern Wisconsin and help match their skills and interests to support the mission of intercultural exchange.
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Plan Events and Activities

Organize social, cultural, and educational events for exchange students, host families, and community members.
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Volunteer Abroad

Looking to make an impact on a global scale? AFS now also offers opportunities for adults to do specialized service work abroad - Check out AFS Next!
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If you are ready to join an exciting, engaged group of volunteers with similar goals, please contact Area Team Development Specialist (TDS) Karen Nelson at knelson@afsusa.org to get started!