Mid-Stay Orientation

02/02/2019 - 04:00 PM - All day Event

REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS.  Adult and teen volunteers as needed.  

You're halfway there, the shine of new American life is wearing off, you have made some discoveries, and you are possibly feeling homesick.  This is our opportunity to relax, commiserate, and talk through some ways to get through the mid-year blues and plan how you want to spend the rest of your year.  We will talk about AFS Objectives and your personal goals, what you have discovered about the USA, and what to expect for the rest of the year (Prom, graduation, our NY trip, ...) Bring your favorite game and video DVD to share! Make plans to be picked up between 10 and 11am Sunday morning. 4:00-8:00pm required. Overnight is just for fun.

LOCATION: Address on Facebook group

Dinner is International Potluck!  Bring a main or side dish native to your country to share.  Enough to feed 10.  Email the recipe to Bill Nelli so he can distribute to everyone,   (Also email Bill if you have dietary restrictions.)
*  Bring anything you need for overnight - a sleeping bag and pillow, PJs, toothbrush, 2nd day clothes, ....  Also consider that, unlike the first overnight orientation, it is winter time.  The indoor spaces are heated, but we won't always be inside. You will want layers and warm clothes, particularly in case we want to enjoy the firepit in the evening.
*  Bring your folder with your AFS objectives from Arrival Orientation.
*  Bring playing cards and/or your favorite board game, in case the weather doesn't cooperate.

HOST FAMILIES MEETING Have you learned something new you weren't expecting?  After dropping students off, we will share experiences, best practices, struggles and celebrations.  We will also discuss what to expect for the remainder of the year:  prom, graduation, NY trip, etc. Strongly encouraged.

VOLUNTEERS:  Please contact Bill Nelli to help.  Trained official teen volunteers are welcome to stay overnight!

Contact:  Bill Nelli, c 704-609-9889 and william.nelli@afsusa.org