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If you have enjoyed seeing the impact our international students have, and are ready to jump in, students are waiting for you.  Contact Bill Nelli, Host Coordinator, to find out how.

If you are interested in exploring another culture on your own study abroad program, contact Bill Nelli to learn more.  Note:  many scholarships are available, with deadlines beginning in October.

AFS of Greater Charlotte is a group of volunteers committed to the mission of peace through study abroad experiences.  


Are you interested in offering a skill or a little time to this diverse and engaged group?    To share your interests, contact Susan Moon or Rebecka Nelli.

While all support is needed and welcome, we are actively seeking the following:  
Social Media Manager
Event Organizers
a print partner 
Teen Volunteers

Please reach out to any of our volunteer leaders to find out more about the organization.

Marlene Cox, Partnerships Coordinator  |
Gayle Fox, Support Coordinator  |
William Nelli, Hosting Coordinator  |  
Rebecka Nelli, Administrative Support  |
Susan Moon, Chair  |

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