Host Families

As host families in for AFS GPS, you have decided to open your home to a complete stranger and join a wonderful family of volunteers and returnees. For that, we thank you for all that you do!

However, there are still important events that we would like to remind you of throughout this next year. The events that are mandatory will be bolded while optional events are not:

North Sound South Sound
Sept. 8: Intercultural Learning Seminar Sept. 8: Intercultural Learning Seminar
Oct. 6: Post-Arrival Orientation Oct. 6-7: Post-Arrival Orientation
Oct. 20: Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch Early/Mid Dec: Holiday Party
Nov. 17: Bowling Jan. 12-13: Mid-Stay Orientation
Mid-Dec.: Holiday Party Feb. 4: State Legislature Visit
Jan. 26: Mid-Stay Orientation March 14-16: Mercer Island International Festival
May 19: Pre-Return Orientation May 4-5: Pre-Return Orientation
June 25: Departure Day June 25: Departure Day

*Please note that these dates may change as the year progresses. Please refer to the Calendar for additional information about dates.