AFS GPS plans many fun and exciting events throughout the year. Listed here are upcoming events that we would love to see you at! You can either click on a bulleted item and be taken to more information about it, or scroll down the page until you find what you are looking for.

AFS Gives Back: Cleaning the Sound

This year, as part of the AFS LIFT Program, AFS GPS will be partnertingwith the Seattle Aquarium to help clean up our beloved Sound! We wil lbe spending the morning learning about the local marine life and the challenges that they are currently facing. We will also be cleaning the beach and watershed areas of the park of trash and debris.
Our host communities offer so much opportunity and hospitality and we would like to give back to our environment by spending a day cleaning it up. Come on out and lets clean the Sound together!


Saturday April 27th from 10am - 4pm with exact location to be finalized

Trampoline Park: North Sound

Come jump with us! After the North Sound Orientation, we will be taking the students on an optional trip to a trampoline park. Caution: Lots of fun and laughter expected! It will be a fun time for everyone and we hope to see you there!


Sunday May 19th with time and location to be determined