Contact Us

We would love to help in any way we can. That includes answering any of your questions. This is a list of people within our team that you may contact concerning a wide range of topics.

     Team Development Specialist
     Anna Guthrie

     South Sound Chapter Chair
     Nancy Henderson

Team Chair
Darby Stewart

Mark Strickland

Hosting Coordinator
Heidi Cook

Melanie Palmer

Sending Coordinator
Anne Davis

Support Coordinator
Maren Richter

Annette Rembold

Team Chair/Volunteer Coordinator
Camille Saunders

Hosting Coordinator/Support Coordinator
Jennifer Anttila

Nancy Studwell

Compliance Coordinator
Edward Gulberg

Hosting Coordinator/Sponsored Programs Cluster Coordinator
Linda Sohlberg

Host Student Event Planner
Rory Pedrola

Community College Contact
Damian Pisnelli