Greater Puget Sound Area Team


2018-2019 hosted students of the Greater Puget Sound

2018-2019 hosted students of the South Sound Chapter

The Greater Puget Sound AFS Team proudly serves Western Washington and supports numerous host families, exchange students, and volunteers living and working in the great Pacific Northwest. Our vision is to provide memorable experiences for everyone who participates in any capacity, large or small, for AFS.

Where are we located?

AFS-GPS represents a region extending from the islands of San Juan County to the Pacific coast and east to the Cascade Mountains. Our team covers the major urban centers of Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue as well as other prominent cities such as Bellingham, Olympia and Everett. Due to the unique topography, the GPS team is divided into two groups - the North Sound and the South Sound. The South Sound services students and families located on parts of the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, Tacoma, and the southern regions of the Puget Sound while the North Sound encompasses many of the other prominent areas of Western Washington.


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