Our volunteers

Joanna Collins|Team Chair

Joanna lives with her husband Greg in Avon, NY.  They have 3 grown sons; Cory, Christopher, and Ethan. The Collins family has hosted 7 AFS students, every year is different and amazing!  Joanna believes that cultural understanding is the way to world peace.

Joe Palmiotto| Chaperone

I am a 6-12 Technology Education teacher. I started hosting students with AFS because of the exchange students that would be in my classes. My wife did some research and we agreed that hosting for a year would be the most fulfilling way for us and our student to develop a life lasting relationship. I volunteer for AFS because I find being part of a team is more rewarding to help make the students experience more enjoyable. Volunteering also helps to know some of the other students making the hosting experience that much better.

Michelle Barber | Sponsored Programs Coordinator

Michelle lives in Bliss with her husband John and their two daughters, Alexandria (19) and Gabriella (17).  She has been a science teacher for over 20 years and enjoys being outdoors (when it is warm!), gardening, traveling and reading.  She spent a year after high school as an exchange student in South Africa and has hosted two students of her own.  She has been back to visit her host parents four times and has her children hooked on international travel as a result!

"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization" -Mahatma Gandhi

                                        Toni Kiddie | Support Northeast, Liason



Toni Kiddie is a retired elementary reading teacher who lives in Victor, NY. She has been an AFS volunteer since 2003. During that time, AFS has given her opportunities to be a liaison several times, host for a short period and to work in many team positions. Toni enjoys working with volunteers and host families, being on site for the many orientations and activities. She especially loves getting to       know our hosted students. In her spare time, Toni is a substitute teacher, plays tennis all year and enjoys summer golf. She and her husband, Dave, travel to Boston and Philadelphia areas often to be with their daughter and son and five grandchildren. They have also had the rewarding experience of reuniting with their hosted student in Cologne, Germany.

Midge Englund | Support Central

Midge has been a host parent to seven students and a liaison to 24. Midge's passion for world peace through this international exchange program has brought her to volunteer as a chair, liaison, sending, hosting and many other areas in our team.  

Sandy Lawrence |Support West

 (716) 432-1863

Ernie and Sandy have hosted 6 wonderful students and sent their own son Andrew to Chile for his AFS experience. Sandy started with AFS in high school and is a returnee from AFS Austria as well as an AFS teacher to Thailand. She has done almost every team job at some point during her volunteer time with AFS Finger Lakes.



                                        Judy Glaubinger
| Sending Coordinator


Judy is a retired teacher, mother of 4 girls and Abuela to 3.  She has hosted a number of students and one of her daughters went abroad with AFS when she decided to volunteer.  She likes the cultural understanding. When working with the students that go abroad from the US she likes to emphasize that they are ambassadors of the US.  

Barry VanNostrandHosting Coordinator barry.vannostrand@gmail.com 

Barry was a police officer for 32 years and retired as the supervisor of his department's major crimes unit. He is now the Director of School Safety for a public school where he also coordinates their foreign exchange student program. He also now serves as Town Justice in his hometown. Barry and his wife Laurie have 2 children - Aaron who is in law school, and Sarah who is a VP in finance. With their children now moved out, they have hosted students from Holland, Denmark, Italy, Germany and will be hosting from Norway in the fall of 2015. They love their home in the country that they share with their 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Jaime Hoffman | Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Jamie Hoffman, I live in Warsaw, NY. My family has hosted 4 AFS students over the last 20 years.  I am a retired employee of Warsaw Central School where I worked as a teacher aide and a high school secretary.  I am married, have 5 sons and 6 grandchildren (these include my AFS kids too).  My family loves opening our home to AFS. We have extended our family from Chile, Brazil, France and Norway.

Bruce Deiseroth | Liaison
(607) 857-1706

Bruce is a native of Horseheads, NY, and the proud father of 2 daughters, 18 & 22 years of age.  He is an Area Sales Manager  with Horizon Solutions LLC, a Northeast-based Technical Distributor.  Bruce has a BS in Business Administration from Elmira College and has traveled the world extensively with previous employers. This developed his keen interest in people from other cultures and geographies. 

Devan Helfer | Liaison

Devan Helfer lives in the Town of Greece, and is the Marketing and Education Manager for Monroe County Parks Department. While in college, she spent a year abroad in studying in Tubingen, Germany, and after graduation returned to work for Robert Bosch GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany and Turin, Italy. She began her volunteer experience with AFS in 2014 while hosting a student from Lodi, Italy. Devan sits on the Planning Board for the Town of Greece and enjoys volunteering for local political campaigns. Her favorite activities include: travel, reading, movies, and cooking nice meals for friends and family.