Open Volunteer Positions

Volunteers Needed for these Positions

Volunteers can serve in one or more positions, depending on how much time they would like to commit.  Our Area Team is currently seeking volunteers to fill some specific positions.  If you are interested in any of the positions below, please contact Jeff Burtner.

Hosting Volunteer
Hosting Volunteers help make their community aware of hosting, help in the host family screening process as well as guide them through the process of selecting their student.  Our Area Team is currently seeking to fill these positions:
Sending Volunteer
Sending Volunteers help with recruitment of U.S. students to study abroad and prepare them for their AFS Experience. 
Orientation Volunteer
Do you enjoy working with American and international students?  Orientation Volunteers work directly with students and families by providing important information that will help lead to the success of their AFS experience.  Our Area Team is currently seeking volunteers to serve at various orientations throughout the year. Let us know if you are interested!
Orientation Group Leader - Group Leaders facilitate group discussion and activities for a variety of AFS orientations using curriculum provided by AFS.  Orientations are held for international AFS Hosted Students, U.S. students preparing to study abroad, as well as for Host Families.

Support Volunteer
Do you enjoy counseling and advising, perhaps conflict resolution?  This is a U.S. Dept. of State mandated position requiring monthly contact with the student and host family. 
Volunteer Integration
The "Volunteer Coordinator" helps welcome new and returning volunteers on their team.  They assist volunteer applicants through the registration process and help match their skills to roles that are available on the team:
Returnee Positions
Did you just return from overseas or have been back a while and want to reconnect? You will have the opportunity to share your AFS experience in a variety of ways.  Returnees can help out as Returnee Mentors (who guide applicants in through their application process), as Returnee Ambassadors (presentations in the community), or even as a Returnee Coordinator, who organizes re-entry orientations for newly returned students, as well as social gatherings.  Our Area Team is currently seeking volunteers for the following Returnee Positions:
Returnee Coordinator (Southern NY, Hudson Valley, and Connecticut)
Other Positions
Lastly, our Area Team is also seeking a volunteer to serve as our Area Team Webmaster.  Please contact Jeff Burtner if this position is of interest to you.