Team Overview

Welcome to AFS DelMarPa

We are proud to represent AFS in our communities. Some of the schools and communities we work with have been active with AFS since the very earliest student exchanges, sixty-plus years, while others are just learning about our quality and support.

We help foster lifelong connections and opportunities for intercultural exchange that are hard to measure.

Some AFS participants go on to become national and international leaders in obvious ways, but I like to focus on the small changes in many lives. When we place a young adult in a welcoming host family in another part of the world, that one person has an impact on the family, the other students and teachers in the school, and everyone else in the community. And the returnee’s view of the world is forever changed.

– Carol Mattes, DelMarPa Area Team Volunteer Chair

Where are we Located?

Our volunteer network covers all of Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

How are we Doing?

Numbers are just the tip of the iceberg! The volunteers and direct participants touch so many more lives, all with the aim of fostering increased understanding between people, cultures, and countries.

  • 77 – Active AFS Volunteers

  • 46 – Students hosted in the DelMarPa Area Team

  • 25 – U.S. students sent abroad for a year, semester or summer programs

Help us create a more just and peaceful world, one relationship at a time!

How can you get Involved?

Volunteers can help with everything from interviews and orientations to support and cultural enrichment activities. Some focus on sending programs for US students, others on our hosting programs. Click the links at the bottom of the page to learn more! We’d love to have you join our Team DelMarPa!

Open Volunteer Positions

​If you’re looking for ways you can help, here are just a few ideas. Contact Carol for more information.

  • Orientations: Help with Welcome, Post-Arrival, Midstay, or Pre-Return orientations for hosted students, and local Pre-Departure sessions for outbound students and their parents.
  • Interviews: Conduct in-home interviews with outbound candidates and prospective host families, helping to ensure that students and their families understand the goals and mission of AFS.
  • Support: Serve as a participant-family liaison, providing ongoing support to help ensure the best experiences possible.
  • Recruiting: Help identify prospective host families and outbound candidates by making presentations, talking to friends and neighbors, or doing publicity.

Interested in Getting Involved?

​You need to become a registered AFS volunteer, so follow the links to begin the process!

AFS Local & National Scholarships

Contact our Area Team

We are the face of AFS in Delaware, Eastern Shore Maryland, and the eastern part of Pennsylvania, enriching lives through high school student exchanges.

Area Team Chair: Libby Hahn
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 267-481-2049

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