Open Volunteer Positions! Take a Look!

There are a number of different ways that you can be involved and engaged in our team. Here are a few volunteer roles that we are looking to fill for the upcoming 2019-2020 program year! 

Click on the volunteer opportunity (or scroll down the page) to see the responsibilities of each position. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Joanne Yokoyama-Martin at jkym831@gmail.com or Shaun Sullens at ssullens@afsusa.org for more information.

Please know that training and support are provided for each role and experienced mentors can be provided. 

Team Secretary Responsibilities:

  • Taking minutes for every team meeting (in person and by conference call). The team has 10 meetings per year
  • Posting minutes in the AFS Columbia Pacific Google folder
  • Sharing minutes with team leadership volunteers
  • Work with Team Chairperson(s) in developing the team meeting agenda
  • Arrange and communicate seven in-person meeting locations (finds and secures in-person meeting sites with help from the Team Development Specialist (TDS)
  • Arrange and Coordinate three team meeting conference calls

Team Event Coordinator Responsibilities: 

  • Ensures that every team event has a coordinator/organizer responsible for the event
  • Fills in as event coordinator as needed
  • Determines budget, finances, and paperwork needed for each event with Team Treasurer

Team Liaison Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Works with Team Volunteer Coordinator and Chapter Chairs in recruiting liaisons needed for the host students
  • Organizes the liaison training with liaison trainer
  • Mentors and supports new liaisons
  • Monitors and ensures liaisons are entered into national liaison spreadsheet
  • Ensures liaisons are entering the required contacts on MyAFS or Global Link for the host students, host families, and schools

Chapter Support Coordinator:

  • Acts as the first point of contact for liaisons for support situations related to our hosted students and their host families
  • Works closely with the Team Support Coordinator/s in managing support cases in chapter
  • Communicates and works closely with AFS-USA support staff as needed

Hosting Orientation Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Forming a host orientation team
  • Delivery of the required orientations for hosted students
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of five hosted student orientations
  • Determine and develop the location and agenda for each orientation
  • Oversee distribution of all orientation materials and record activities in Global Link
  • Communicate and coordinate with AFS National Staff - the Arrival and End-of-Stay orientations
  • Works with the Treasurer to secure contacts and budget for each orientation

Sending Interview Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Ensures all sending applicants are interviewed by local sending interviewers
  • As part of the training for new interviewers, pair new interviewers with experienced interviewers
  • Support sending applicants and their parents through the application process

Chapter Community Rep Responsibilities

  • Recruits local volunteers to reach out to schools and community organizations
  • Researches and signs up for community events that support the AFS mission
  • Collects and provides social media content to the social media intern


If you still haven't found the volunteer position (above) that you are looking for, below are a couple other opportunities!

Maybe being a liaison would be for you! You would contact a hosted student and his or her host family at least monthly. Please fill out this form to let us know if this is something that would interest you!

Or, perhaps you are interested in being a Group Leader at Orientations. We need volunteers to be groups leaders at orientations throughout the year that students are required to attend. If this is of  interest to you, sign up here.

If you are already a volunteer, please join us on Facebook!

As a volunteer, we have two Facebook groups set up that may be of interest. Send a request to join the 2018-2019 Exchange Student/Host Family/Volunteer Facebook Group and the Columbia Pacific Volunteers Group to keep up with what's going on throughout the Area.  Check out the National Volunteer Blog.

Let us know your interests and how you'd like to help - Please take the Columbia Pacific Volunteer Survey!

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to take our Volunteer Survey so we can keep track of your interests and contact you when a volunteer opportunity comes up that you might be excited about.