Host Families


Our local group of AFS volunteers would like to extend a warm welcome to you, as a Host Family for the coming year.  We want to share some information that we hope you will find useful.


  • We’ve set up a Facebook group for the 2018-2019 hosting year.  If you’re on Facebook, please request to join the group to keep up with discussions, share ideas, ask questions, and get to know others.  If you are already in touch with your Exchange Student, encourage him or her to join the group as well. Send a request to join the group at: 2018-2019 AFS Columbia Pacific
  • In addition, our communications coordinator will send out emails with important information.


If you have not finished your online Host Family Orientation, please do so. Your student will not be allowed to travel without all paperwork completed. Please contact Shaun Sullens, our local staff person, if you need assistance.
Phone: 503-894-0367 Email:


The students have FOUR additional orientations throughout the year, mandated by the US Department of State.  This gives AFS volunteers the opportunity to ensure that the students are adapting to our culture, developing interpersonal relationship skills with family and friends, maintaining safe habits and succeeding in school. The students are REQUIRED to attend these. Mark your calendar! Please do NOT schedule any travel or family activities on these dates.  The additional events on the calendar may change.  Please check the calendar often.
2018-19 Calendar:  2018-19 AFS Col-Pac Calendar


The Host Family Handbook is available here:  AFS Host Family Handbook
It is filled with information that will help you to have a more successful year with your student.
Medical and Tax Information: AFS Host Family Medical, Tax & Other information
Travel while on program:  Travel Information & Waivers


Each Exchange Student/Host Family is assigned a volunteer Liaison who is required to check in with the student and the Host Family each month.  They are required to check in with the student’s school on a quarterly basis.  This is a US State Department requirement.  You can read more about the role of the Liaison, from AFS Help and Learning, if you wish.
Please work with your Student and your Liaison to ensure that these monthly check-ins happen (some must be in-person, but some can be via telephone). 
You will be notified once your Liaison has been determined.  We encourage Host Families and Liaisons to meet, even before the students arrive to get to know each other and to learn family dynamics.