AFS Greater Cleveland Team Community Placed Students

Meet Your New Family Member(s)!

Listed below are brief bios of exchange students currently seeking a host family in our Greater Cleveland Area Team's geographic area.  If you are interested in hosting one of the exchange students below this coming fall, please reach out to one of our Hosting Coordinators, Nancy Goette (West side) or Adrienne Yelsky (East side), or complete an online Host Family Interest Form and a local AFS volunteer will contact you to answer any questions.

Filippo, from Italy

Meet Filippo, a young man who is passionate about basketball. Active in his Scouting troop, as well as his church youth group, he enjoys spending time with his friends. Filippo and his family like to take trips to the city, visiting museums and sharing their passion for eating delicious food. Summer brings trips to the sea, mountains and national parks. Family is important to Filippo, especially his older sister and grandparents. A cooperative and good student, he works well with his classmates. Filippo looks forward to sharing his life in the U.S. with his new host parents and siblings!
About Me
Christian, Attends weekly religious services, Youngest Child, Church youth group, Basketball, Swimming, Outdoorsy, Independent, Outgoing, Sporty, Soccer, Scouting, Museums, Family oriented, Open to double student plcmt.

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Linda, from Germany

Linda is a self-confident, independent, and outgoing young lady who loves to sing and play guitar. At school she is well liked by teachers and classmates and her favorite subject is History. Aside from her busy school life, she plays guitar in a band and sings in the school choir. Friends and family describe her as creative, cheerful, funny, honest, helpful, and a good listener. She has three siblings including her little sister Ida, who she enjoys to spend time with. Linda is not sure yet what profession she would like to pursue, but she's eager to pursue a college degree after high school.
About Me
Speaks French, Speaks German, Has Siblings, Non-Religious, Band, Guitar, Singing/Choir, Cheerful, Creative, Energetic, Family oriented, Funny, Good with kids, Independent, Mature, Outgoing, Studious, History

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Maura, from Italy
Maura has volunteered and taught children for years with her parish. Her parents and teachers say that she is dedicated, principled and mature. Her friends say she's cheerful, positive and patient. They like to spend time going to the beach, eating out, and going to cafes. Maura likes to keep fit by swimming and going to the gym, and she danced competitively for years. Her favorite hobby is reading--it lets her imagine other worlds - she prefers fantasy and romance. Maura is curious about other cultures and people. English is one of her favorite subjects. She can't wait to meet her hosts!
About Me
Open to same sex host parents, Open to single parent plcmt, Open to double student plcmt, Catholic, Energetic, Independent, Cheerful, Good with kids, Mature, Outgoing, Family oriented, Dance, Swimming, Volunteering.

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Nanami, from Japan
Nanami is an entertaining, confident and cheerful young lady from Japan. She has a unique ability to enjoy everything that she starts and isn't afraid to express herself. She loves singing and karaoke. Nanami also enjoys performing in plays and drama productions. She has a passion for fashion and especially fashion as it represents culture. She is fascinated with American fashion, make-up and cosmetics. As the middle child of three sisters, she is used to being a good negotiator. And she is very close to her extended family. Nanami adores school and participates in an annual music festival.
About Me
Non-Religious, Theater/Drama/Acting, Singing/Choir, Musical, Energetic, Independent, Mature, Has Siblings, Family oriented, Dance, Movies

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Pannathorn, from Thailand

A multi-talented young man, Pannathorn, nicknamed Best, is an excellent student, athlete, and musician. He enjoys playing soccer and attending soccer games with his parents. In the future, he would like to become a content creator for TV sports programs. He also practices Muay Thai, Thai boxing. At school, he is class leader and a member of his school’s public relations club. He welcomes visitors, guides them on school museum tours, and speaks to them in both Thai and English. Best enjoys singing and playing guitar with his father and friends, and played the Prince in Snow White at school!
About Me
Buddhist, Guitar, Singing/Choir, Academic, Cheerful, Creative, Energetic, Family oriented, Funny, Leadership, Only Child, Outgoing, Sporty, Soccer, Studious, Science, Theater/Drama/Acting, Travel, Open to double student plcmt.

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Shaobo, from China

Shaobo is called "the repairman of the family" since he successfully repaired a door lock, a gas pipe and a computer. He obviously loves helping others and takes good care of his little sister, often taking her along with him when he plays ping-pong and other sports. He enjoys studying and the very process of searching for knowledge. His favorite classes are Math, Physics and History and his future goal is to start a company. Shaobo is outgoing and enthusiastic and his optimism has made him popular in school. His has a remarkable sense of humor that his mom believes he will share with you!
About Me
Singing/Choir, Drums, Cheerful, Oldest Child, Independent, Outgoing, Funny, Family oriented, Mature, Sporty, Basketball, Swimming, Science, History
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Peter, from Germany

Peter rides his bike to a school in Germany that is 150 years old and can’t wait to try out an American high school! He spent his first eight years of childhood in China and speaks German, French, English and Spanish. Peter plays the piano and trumpet and competes on a swim team. He loves to be with friends skateboarding, playing soccer or going to the movies. Peter is close to his parents and sister and would love to be an architect like his mother. He has heard many positive things about the USA and knows he will love meeting his host family and trying new sports and clubs at school.
About Me
Protestant, Band, Sporty, Speaks German, Speaks French, Speaks Spanish, Energetic, Piano, Animal lover, Artistic, Swimming, Has Siblings, Family oriented, Bicycling, Travel, Movies, Skateboarding, Soccer

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Marika, from Italy

Marika loves animals of all kind, but isn't allowed to have a dog, so she has three pet tortoises instead. She loves nature, too, frequently getting out on hikes or going to the beach. She also participates in scouting and camping, and she's danced for 10 years. She's shy at first, but generous and friendly when she opens up. Her family is very close, and she relates well to her sister and parents. They travel together, and Marika has caught the travel bug. She wants to go everywhere! Marika hopes that studying abroad will help her grow her English skills and get her out of her shell a bit.
About Me
Open to double student plcmt, AFS family, Christian, Animal lover, Family oriented, Quiet, Cheerful, Mature, Outdoorsy, Dance, Camping, Scouting, Reading, Movies, Travel, Youngest Child.
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Martina, from Italy

Fashion is Martina's number one passion. She hopes to one day work as a stylist or in another related profession. But she's a serious student, too. Her teachers say that she is determined and tenacious--even a bit of a perfectionist. Her parents say she is respectful and occasionally keeps to herself, but warms up to those closest to her.  She likes theater, and she swims to keep herself sharp. Her favorite activity is scouting. It has brought her to her best friends, and they love to laugh and learn new things together. She hopes to challenge herself to be "on her own" with her host family.  Cats and dogs ok.

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Ryukaku, from Japan

Ryukaku is a well-rounded young man who enjoys sports, time with family, music, and meditation. His favorite sport is tennis and he's even team captain at school! When he's not playing sports, he enjoys watching them on TV. Ryukaku is passionate about music and enjoys playing the piano. Because both of his parents work, he is very helpful around the house and often helps his younger sister study. He attends a Zen Buddhist high school where he enjoys weekly meditation. After school, Ryukaku attends English school with his best friend. He can't wait to come to the U.S and meet his host family!
About Me
AFS family, Buddhist, Has Siblings, Sporty, Tennis, Piano, Family oriented, Leadership, After school clubs, Attends weekly religious services, Open to single parent plcmt, Open to double student plcmt.

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Supamon, from Thailand

Supamon, who goes by Mild, is an award-winning science student who loves physics and math. She plays several Thai instruments and the flute. Over weekends, Mild and her family visit relatives out of town, run in the park and eat together. She seeks advice from her older sister, with whom she is very close. Teachers are impressed with her positive attitude towards life, her enthusiasm and conscientiousness. Mild likes to take photos, draw and paint, especially Manga characters. She and her friends go biking and visit ancient places, rather than shopping. Friends say she is a great listener!
About Me
Allergies, Buddhist, Musical, Drawing/Painting, Photography, Science, Family oriented, Youngest Child, Running, Swimming, Funny, Mature, Academic, Artistic, Bicycling, Volunteering, Reading, After school clubs, Outgoing, Leadership, Open to double student plcmt.

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Thomas, from Chile

Meet Thomas, a well rounded young man who competes on the National Paddle Team, plays drums in a band, and performs in school musicals! Besides paddle (similar to racquetball) he skis, plays soccer, rugby and basketball. Cheerful, outgoing and a good friend to many, he finds time with friends and family important. During holidays, his extended family visits his grandparents farm. His role model is his brother, who made the decision to leave home at an early age to pursue a tennis career, yet has maintained close ties. He excels in school, showing leadership and responsibility.