Greater Cleveland Area Team

Welcome to Your AFS Student Exchange Program of the Greater Cleveland Area (GCAT)

Greetings from our Mid-Stay Orientation!

Welcome to the AFS Student Exchange Program of the Greater Cleveland Area.  This is our team website. Our mission is to make the world a smaller place through cultural exchange. AFS international exchange student programs not only foster life-long bonds and appreciation for cultural diversity, but also provide life changing experiences for students, host families, and volunteers.  Please consider joining us in this worthwhile intercultural mission.

Where is the AFS Student Exchange for the Greater Cleveland Area Located?

The Greater Cleveland Area team serves, students, host families, and educators in and around the Greater Cleveland Area.  The map below illustrates the various communities and school systems we serve. 

Click HERE to learn more about international students who need host families in our community.

How are we Doing?

The Greater Cleveland Area - West team continues to grow in the number of involved volunteers as well as hosting and sending students abroad. For the current 2016-2017 academic year, our numbers are as follows:

  • 60 Active AFS Volunteers
  • 34 Students hosted in the Greater Cleveland Area-West Team
    • 24 local high school partners
  • 7 Returnees studied abroad last year in the following countries: China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Jordan, and Russia

Where do our 2017-2018 Exchange Students Come From?

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