Blue and white piggy bank
Fundraising Ideas

Plump your Piggy Bank

If you don’t mind digging around for coins… As simple as it seems, finding change in your family’s couch or just simply asking friends and family members for their coins,…

money in the glass
Fundraising Ideas

Family Matches

If your family is willing to pitch in… Even though many people may like to support you, giving money is difficult. You can encourage your friends and family to help…

Roller Coaster
Fundraising Ideas

Coaster for a Cause

If you are a thrill seeker… Six Flags-affiliated amusement parks will occasionally hold “Coasters for a Cause” events during the month of May (or maybe other months of the year…

Numbers on running track  in stadium
Fundraising Ideas


If you are a goal setter and a go-getter… Organize a bike-a-thon, a pump iron-a-thon, a skate-a-thon, a walk-a-thon, a trash-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, jump-rope-a-thon, etc. Set a goal before you talk…

aged and worn vintage photo of drive in theater sign
Fundraising Ideas

Drive-In Movie Night

If you are a movie buff… Find a place in your community to host your event. The location must have a flat surface where you can project the movie (i.e.…

tondeuse a cheveux
Fundraising Ideas

Shave Your Head

If you aren’t too attached to a full head of hair… Create a campaign around shaving your head (or one of your friend’s head) by having people donate to your…