Self Service Car Wash
Fundraising Ideas


If you are all about whipping up suds… Get permission from your school, church, or a local store to use its parking lot for your car wash. Advertise your car…

Fundraising Ideas

Recycle Electronics

If you have a stash of outdated devices… Ecophones Recycling Fundraiser could pay you up to $300 per item you recycle through their program ( Ask parents, neighbors, co-workers and…

Handmade present boxes with tags
Fundraising Ideas

Gift Wrapping

If you have a pair of scissors and a roll of tape… Do some research to determine where you could volunteer during holiday seasons to wrap gifts. Often times, malls…

Mailbox inside
Fundraising Ideas

Print Address Labels

If you are good with a computer… Make return address labels and sell them for a set price (i.e. $5.00-$10.00 for 100 labels). Check local office supply stores to find…

Fundraising Ideas

Work Vouchers

If you are an all-around hard worker… Sell vouchers (or books of vouchers) entitling the buyer to an hour (or more) of work. You may want to design two types…

Grocery Brown Bag With Fruits and Vegetbales
Fundraising Ideas

Paper or Plastic?

If you are always bagging your family’s groceries at the store… Bagging groceries for tips at your local grocery store is a fundraiser that requires some planning, but could yield…

Trolley with product on shelf
Fundraising Ideas


If you are detail oriented and can juggle many tasks at the same time… Devise a plan and time table to run errands for your friends and neighbors. Make flyers…

broom sweeps fallen leaves
Fundraising Ideas

Colossal Clean Up

If you are a leader and can assemble an army of helpers… Contract with the management of your local fairgrounds or stadium to do cleanup after a major event. Recruit…

Box of unwanted stuff ready for a garage sale
Fundraising Ideas

Garage Sale

If you know a lot of people who need to purge some belongings… Gather and organize any unwanted items from your family and friends. Enlist your friends and family to…