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Fundraising Ideas

Approach Charitable Organizations

If you are good at making connections… Charitable organizations are usually comprised of business owners and well-connected people in your community. Charitable organizations will most likely be able to either…

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Fundraising Ideas

Local AFS Fundraising

If you are a people person… Ask your local AFS area team volunteers about raising funds collectively. With the assistance of the volunteers, organize event(s) with other local AFS students…

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Fundraising Ideas

Parents Night Out

If you enjoy babysitting… Offer one night (several nights) or a full Saturday / Sunday for parents to let you watch their kids. This fundraiser works at any time during…

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Fundraising Ideas

Care Package Campaign

If you are creative, crafty, and caring… Compile a list of care package themes and the desired contents for each package to sell to people who want a gift for…

Fundraising Ideas

Silent Auction

If you have retail connections… Host a silent auction using donated items as a stand alone event or in conjunction with another fundraiser.Invite your friends, family, and members of the…

Fundraising Ideas

Corporate Sponsorships

If you are a go-getter and like talking to new people… Brainstorm (with your parents) a list of local businesses you could ask to sponsor you. Be prepared to explain…

Fundraising Ideas

Sponsorship Letter

If you know a lot of people that live far away… Write a letter introducing yourself, why you are fundraising, your motivations to study abroad and details about AFS. There…

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Fundraising Ideas

Mass Email Campaign

If you have oodles of contacts in your address book… Using email is a great way to get the word out, however, it’s not enough to send out one email…

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Fundraising Ideas

Food For Funds

If you have friends and family that like to eat at restaurants… Visit a few restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries in your town and speak with a manager about whether…

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Fundraising Ideas

Airplane Ticket Giveaway

If you know someone with lots of reward miles… Ask a family member or a family friend who travels a lot to donate his/her frequent flyer miles for a domestic/international…

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Fundraising Ideas

Email Newsletter

If you laugh in the face of deadlines… Sell subscriptions to a personal newsletter about your experience while you are on program. Determine how often you can write the newsletter…