In 2015, countries of the United Nations set the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) “to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.” AFS-USA supports the Global Goals and we’re focusing more of our programs on them to amplify, and encourage action toward, their ambitious vision for a sustainable, peaceful world.

To learn more and make a difference, in your own community or abroad, explore the resources below and consider applying for a short summer Global Prep program that focuses on sustainable development and change-making.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Choose a goal to learn more about the underlying issues, specific objectives, and AFS programs that address them.

Image reads: No poverty with symbols of humans holding hands
Image reads: Zero Hunger with graphic of a steaming bowl
Image reads: Good Health and Well-Being with a graphic of a heart beat symbol and a heart
Image reads: Qualtity Education with a graphic of a book and pencil
Image reads: Gender Equality with a graphic of the male and female sex symbols connected with an equal sign inside
Image reads: Clean Water and Sanitation with a graphic of a class of water with a drop of water and down arrow
Image reads: Affordable and Clean Energy with graphic of a sun with a power symbol at the center
Image reads: Decent work and Econmic Growth with a graphic of a graph and up arrow
Image reads: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure with stacking 3D building blocks

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