Need-based scholarships for 50% of the program fee to study abroad for a year in Japan.

Made possible by the generosity of Mark Siegel and Joan Bowman Siegel

The Sakura (cherry blossom) Scholarship is a 50%, merit- and need-based scholarship. This scholarship covers half of the AFS-USA program fee for a high school year program in Japan.

Scholarship Details:

How to Apply:

  1. To be considered, start/ continue your AFS application.
  2. Complete your FAST application.
  3. Contact to request the Sakura Scholarship essay task or speak with your Study Abroad Specialist at 1 (800) AFS-INFO.
  4. Once requested, the Sakura scholarship essay will appear in the Next Steps of your AFS dashboard.
  5. Complete all Next Steps task on your dashboard and submit your application


Your complete AFS application and Sakura scholarship essay task must be completed by Thursday, August 29, 2019; 11:59 PM EST.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Scholarships Team at

Anneau Cappelmann In my Japanese school, I was surrounded by amazingly focused and bright people who always tried their hardest. That kind of work ethic and enduring spirit has forever shaped me into someone with a thirst for knowledge.- Anneau, SC