AFS-USA scholarships are made possible by the generosity of numerous donors who all have a deep connection with AFS and value intercultural exchanges as necessary for the promotion of peace and justice in the world.  

Upon submission, applications will be reviewed and matched with the most applicable scholarship, if available. Our scholarship application includes merit and need-based components.  

All scholarships are partial, and scholarship award amounts will be determined based on program length. Scholarships are not guaranteed.

You must start your study abroad application with AFS in order to apply for the available scholarships. Once you open your scholarship application associated with your program destination, the instructions on how to apply will be available on your AFS Dashboard.  

Eligible Applicants are: 

  • Those who have completed the full application to any program (including paying the Program Deposit) and whose application will be transferred abroad. 
  • All applicants are asked to submit a short video that displays their personality, passion for contributing to the AFS mission, and motivation to study abroad.  
  • Those who want to be considered for need-based scholarships must also include submission of a FAST financial aid application, which AFS will use to assess the financial need. 

If awarded a scholarship AFS-USA will notify you via a Scholarship Award Acceptance Letter, which will include the total amount of the scholarship reward and encompass all of your awarded scholarships.  

The scholarship award announcements are generally made in December for the programs departing January-March and in June for the programs departing in the Summer and Fall.

Scholarships questions? Contact the Scholarship Team at [email protected].