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Global Prep — 2018
Application deadline: February 1, 2018
  $6,900   Full

*Departure dates may vary within a few days of those listed.


French Language and Cultural Immersion in Bordeaux

Experience the French way of life on this two week Global Prep program in historic Bordeaux. You and your group will spend your days taking language lessons from native speakers and exploring the castles and picturesque landscape of southwestern France. You’ll also have the chance to taste the region’s world-renowned cuisine, and even try making some of it yourself! If you’re looking to create unforgettable memories and practice your French in a serene, culturally-rich setting, then this is the program for you!

Your journey to France

Arriving in Paris

Your journey will begin in New York, where you’ll meet the other members of your group. Then you’ll travel together with your group leader to Paris. You’ll be welcomed at the airport by local staff and then taken on a whirlwind tour of the French capital. In just a few short hours, you’ll get to visit some of the top attractions in Paris like the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower. Later in the evening, you and your group will take the train south to Bordeaux, where you’ll spend the rest of your time in France.


Your Language Lessons

Your Global Prep program in Bordeaux will include 12 hours of interactive language lessons per week. Before beginning your French classes, you’ll take an initial evaluation to make sure that you’re placed in the level best suited to your ability.

Once you and your friends have been assigned to your groups, you’ll begin working on the four main language skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening), with a focus on oral communication. These daily French classes will be interspersed with fun activities to help you practice your speaking skills and interact with people in the community.

Your Accommodations

You’ll stay with the other members of your group and your group leader at the Mer & Golf Residence in Bordeaux. This newly-built Apart-Hotel is located in a residential area which is 20 minutes by tram from your language school. You can expect to share a room with one to three other students of the same gender. As you settle into your new home for the next two weeks, you’ll get to taste some world-famous French food like sausages, crepes, and all different kinds of cheeses!

Exploring the Area

Your program in France will start with a day tour of Paris, where you’ll soak in some of the sights before heading to your language school in Bordeaux. Before long, you’ll be exploring the city’s gothic architecture and experiencing its famous food culture. You’ll also have the chance to make Bordeaux-style cuisine yourself as you and your friends take cooking lessons. Maybe you’ll craft your own Bordelaise sauce or attempt the notoriously tricky canelé pastry! 

After you’ve had some time to get to know your neighborhood, you and your group will go on excursions to nearby castles, towers, churches, and museums. You’ll also visit the stunning ruins of the Roman amphitheater at Palais Gallien. As you travel to each new place, be sure to pay attention to subtle changes in food, architecture, and accent!


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Returning Home

"Life-changing" is hard to describe, yet it’s nearly always the first thing that AFSers say when asked about their experience abroad.
"Transformed" is another one. When you return home, if you’re like most AFSers, you’ll bring with you a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. You’ll have gained maturity and independence, discovered new passions, and feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. That transformation isn’t visible only to you, though - others see it as well. AFSers gain critical skills for college and careers, ranging from language fluency to intercultural competence and critical reasoning. "Life-changing" means it’s only the beginning.

Please Note: Travel date ranges are meant to help with general scheduling and are subject to change; please don’t book any travel based on these dates until you’ve received confirmation from AFS. All programs, prices, and travel dates are subject to change without notice.

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