Summer Language Study Program


Summer Language Study Program — 2019
Jun 18-21, 2019 → Jul 17-20, 2019
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*Departure dates may vary within a few days of those listed.


Surround yourself in Argentina’s rich culture while advancing your Spanish and becoming part of an international community. This five-week program provides intensive language immersion through both formal study and first-hand experience. By living with a host family, you’ll be able to learn Spanish within the true cultural context. In school, class sizes are small, giving you easy access to teachers and helping you form close relationships with classmates. This is your chance to gain invaluable language skills and intercultural understanding that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life.

Things to know

Argentina is a diverse country, with large communities of students and immigrants from all over the world. That means you’ll probably encounter people who speak German or Italian as well as Spanish. Like many cultures with Spanish heritage, Argentina enjoys the tradition of the siesta, when you can come home in the afternoon to eat lunch and rest. Argentines are also famous for their grass-fed beef and lively asado (barbeque) culture, so get ready to enjoy some juicy steaks!

Your journey to Argentina

Arriving in Buenos Aires

Your journey to Argentina will begin in Miami or New York, where you’ll meet your fellow AFSers from the US. You’ll learn some essentials for your first days in Argentina and speak with a cultural resource who recently spent time there. Then you’ll travel with a group to Buenos Aires where you’ll be welcomed at the airport by AFS staff and volunteers.

Soon you’ll be ready to travel to your new community. Along the way you might pass crowded beaches or spot glacier-peaked mountains. As you pass through towns and cities, you’ll likely get a sense of Argentine street life, and maybe even catch sight of a bustling feria (an outdoor market or fair).

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Meeting your host family

In the past, AFSers have lived in communities near Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Paraná, Concepción del Uruguay, and Santiago del Estero. Different courses are located in different parts of the country and you can expect to be enrolled in the one that best fits your Spanish language level.

Like anywhere in the world, all families in Argentina are different. But Argentines are usually warm and affectionate with strong family ties. You’re likely to find a welcoming, close-knit family with grandparents often living in the home.

See where past AFSers have lived

Settling into daily life

Your Language Lessons

You’ll take lessons at a language school with certified instructors for a total of 80 hours. Classes will typically run 5 days a week for 4 hours each day. In the evenings you’ll go home to your host family and have the chance to practice what you’ve learned in-context. Spanish class becomes especially engaging when you can apply your lessons to that night’s dinner conversation! Your classmates will be other AFSers from Europe and the US, giving you the opportunity to engage in additional intercultural exchange. Class size can vary, but you can plan to be in a small group of around 15 students. All study materials are provided, but we do recommend that you bring a Spanish-English dictionary to help during day-to-day conversations.

Exploring the Area

If you’re like most Argentinian teenagers, you’ll have an active social life. Teenagers like to get together in the town square after school or go out in groups to cafes, movies, and parties. On weekends you can check out Argentina’s nightlife and try dancing the tango. Many young people are also on sports teams and passionate soccer fans. You’ll likely have the chance to take part in the famous Latin American fútbol culture, whether it’s by watching a game at home or going to a loud and rambunctious stadium.

Food you'll encounter

The asado is a popular way to enjoy grilled meats called parrillada with family and friends. Or you can try Argentina’s signature snack, the delicious empanada (stuffed pastry). Milanesa (a type of breaded beef cutlet) is another popular dish that reveals the country’s strong Italian influence. You're also likely to find a lot of yummy Italian-style gelato. Argentines are known for their love of mate, a local green tea. Traditionally, you share mate by passing around a special gourd to each of your friends.

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Returning Home

"Life-changing" is hard to describe, yet it’s nearly always the first thing that AFSers say when asked about their experience abroad.
"Transformed" is another one. When you return home, if you’re like most AFSers, you’ll bring with you a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. You’ll have gained maturity and independence, discovered new passions, and feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. That transformation isn’t visible only to you, though - others see it as well. AFSers gain critical skills for college and careers, ranging from language fluency to intercultural competence and critical reasoning. "Life-changing" means it’s only the beginning.

Please Note: Travel date ranges are meant to help with general scheduling and are subject to change; please don’t book any travel based on these dates until you’ve received confirmation from AFS. All programs, prices, and travel dates are subject to change without notice.

Meet the people who will be supporting you in Argentina

Claudia, AFS Argentina Staff Claudia
Juan, AFS Argentina Volunteer Juan
Louisa, AFS Argentina Volunteer Luisa

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