If you know how to knit or crochet…

Create knitted or crocheted items, such as scarves, bags, socks, or hats to sell as a fundraiser. Ask your friends and fellow knitters to consider joining you to contribute their hand-knitted items to your cause. Be sure you explain why you are fundraising, your motivations to study abroad, and details about AFS. Sell your items by word of mouth, at a local market, fair, or school, or online using a site like Etsy.

AFS Returnee Success

Jasmine, an AFS student currently fundraising for her semester in France, is crocheting unique and customized hats for people to purchase for $25. It takes four hours for her to make each hat. She doesn’t mind the time investment because crocheting is one of her hobbies. “I wear my hats all the time no matter how goofy they are to advertise them. They attract a lot of attention!” Clearly the attention is good for business!