If you laugh in the face of deadlines…

Sell subscriptions to a personal newsletter about your experience while you are on program. Determine how often you can write the newsletter (weekly, every two weeks, once a month). Talk to people in person or send out an email/letter explaining what you want to do. Be sure to explain why you are fundraising, your motivations to study abroad, and details about AFS. Make each issue of your newsletter interesting and exciting. Include photos to show your readers what you have been doing while abroad! See the “Scholarship Letter” idea for inspiration. Add each person who donates to your mailing list; make sure to keep this updated. Consult your parents for input when setting your suggested donation amount. It is important that you email the newsletter when you say you will. Set deadlines and let your readers know before you leave when they can expect to receive your updates.

AFS Returnee Success

Hannah, an AFS Returnee, wrote and sent a newsletter to her supporters. Here’s how she did it: First, Hannah sent out a sponsorship letter to all her friends, family and local businesses in her town that she was fundraising to study abroad. Second, Hannah sent everyone who donated a monthly email newsletter while she was abroad. Take a look at one of her monthly issues.