If you know someone with lots of reward miles…

Ask a family member or a family friend who travels a lot to donate his/her frequent flyer miles for a domestic/international round-trip airplane ticket. Create tickets and write a letter explaining the giveaway that you can use to promote your fundraiser. Email your friends and family explaining why you are holding a giveaway. Be sure to explain why you are fundraising, your motivations to study abroad, and details about AFS. Explain more about the prize, the date the winning ticket will be drawn and the steps the winner needs to take to redeem the ticket. When setting the price of each ticket, consult your parents for input. $25 – $50 per ticket might be reasonable based on the specifics of your fundraiser (i.e. giving away an international vs. domestic ticket might justify a greater price per ticket).

AFS Returnee Success

Take a look at the way Hannah, an AFS Returnee, combined an airplane ticket giveaway with seeking sponsors through a sponsorship letter and an email newsletter.