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AFS Finland offers some elementary Finnish to the students at the regional post-arrival orientations held 1-3 weeks after students’ arrival.  AFS Finland subsidizes students’ additional language studies during their exchange year.  Students are advised to participate in a Finnish or Swedish course offered by the local community college with the exception that if no language courses are available in the community, a high-quality language material will be provided to the students for self-learning.  Some host schools also offer Finnish classes for the exchange students.

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Movies and Documentaries
  • The Finland Phenomenon (2011)
  • Mother of Mine (2005)
  • Mielensäpahoittaja(2014)
  • Borrowing Matchsticks (1980)
  • The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki (2016)
  • Helsinki, Forever (2008)
  • The Man Without a Past (2002)
  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)
  • Steam of Life (2010)
  • Ricky Rapper (2008)
  • Maresi. Krönikor från röda klostret (2014)
  • Under the North Star (1959-1962)
  • Seitsemän veljestä (1870)
  • The Year of the Hare (1975)
  • Kalevala (1835)
  • The Seven Brothers (1870)
  • Mr. Boo (2002)
  • The Moomins (1945-1993)
  • A Concise History of Finland (2006)
  • The Finnish Cookbook (1964)
  • The Unknown Soldier (1975)

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