Life in South Africa

Get active in your school and community. Try to give a little back into the community while you're there, it's a great way to get out when you're bored.Samuel from MN, Year Program
School was much different. I had to adjust to wearing a uniform, saying "sir" and "ma'am," standing up when the teacher enters the room, etc. Also it was hard for me to adjust to the racism that is prevalent in white South Africa.Leland, Year Program
Make an earnest effort to learn the language! If you show even the slightest effort to learn Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, they will be delighted!Leland, Year Program
Don't let yourself be caught up with just one group of friends. There are so many diverse people in South Africa, and it's valuable to make friends with them all. Kathryn, Semester Program
Try to be as outgoing as possible. Buy a cellphone early on and take down all of your friends' numbers. Take a part in a sport, even if you've never played it before.Leland, Year Program
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