What type of visa do I need?

It is not necessary to obtain a visa for entry prior to traveling to Norway. You will be required to obtain a Residence Permit shortly after arrival.

How do I apply for the Residence Permit?

After arrival, AFS-Norway will help you obtain your residence permit. This involves registering at the local Registration authority in your host community.

What documents will I need to collect in order to apply for the Residence Permit?

  • United States Passport, valid for at least six months after your return
  • Passport-sized Photographs
  • Parental Consent Form (Who Needs to Sign?)
  • Copies of Parental IDs
  • Copies of Birth Certificate
  • Visa fee of $400 USD if you are 18 years or older

You will also receive additional documents from AFS-USA and AFS-Norway necessary for applying for your residence permit. Please do not start acquiring these documents until you are instructed to do so by AFS-USA.

How much will the Permit cost?

If you are under 18 at the time of arrival in Norway, there is no fee associated with obtaining your residence permit. If you are over 18, please have 3,200 NOK (about $400 USD) available to pay for the residence permit upon arrival.

Can I travel before the start of my program?

Although you must be in your home community for the Pre-Departure Orientation, obtaining the Residence Permit will not place any limitations on your travel.

Fees and requirements are determined by immigration authorities and are subject to change at any time.