Life in Iceland

In the typical family, both parents work, at least one kid usually comes from a previous marriage, and the kids are free to do as they please. They don´t ask for your help but expect you to help around the house anyway, so take part in chores without being told. Amy from NJ, Year Program
It takes a lot of patience and endurance to become friends with Icelanders, but once you are friends, you are really close. Amy from NJ, Year Program
Learn the language. It's easy not to, as English is so widely known and used, but it makes such a difference. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re not good at it, just talk! People are very understanding.Bronwyn from NY, Year Program
Talk to people and try to be outgoing because Icelanders won't take the initiative to break the ice but if you do, they are cool people.Ernest from TX, Year Program
I had to get used to food, family structure, taking your shoes off all the time, never getting any sleep, and school being so free. Michael from FL, Year Program
Make a serious effort to learn the language because people will appreciate that and it will help you integrate so much. Amy from NJ, Year Program

Digging Deeper

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  • Rams-Hrútar (2015)
  • Iceland (1942)
  • Land Ho (2014)
  • Screaming Masterpiece (2005)
  • Noi the Albino (2003)
  • The Deep (2012)
  • Children of Nature (1991)
  • Sódóma Reykjavík (1992)
  • Cold Fever (1996)
  • Dreamland (2009)
  • Rokk í Reykjavík (1982)
  • Stormy Weather (2003)
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864)
  • Viking Age Iceland (2001)
  • Independent People (1934)
  • Iceland by Sabine Baring-Gould (1853)
  • Egils Saga (13th century)
  • Burial Rites (2013)
  • The Blue Fox (2013)
  • Under the Glacier (1972)
  • The Atom Station (1948)
  • The History of Iceland (2013)
  • The Nordic Cookbook (2008)
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