Life in Hungary

Hungarian people are really nice people. It is a very safe country to be in, and there is always something to do. In Hungary people don't really use locks around the house doors, like in the bathroom. I found that kind of hard to adjust. Fitore from NC, Summer Culture Program
You have to have something on your feet at all times. Slippers must be worn, not just socks. Hungary is very traditional, the main meal is lunch and dinner is usually a sandwich. On the weekends, families will eat lunch together. Sally from NY, Year Program
Bring things from your town to share with your family and friends. Have a camera and pack your winter coat, don't send it. Bring a white top and black bottom for school events and a nice outfit for holidays, people dress up for dinner during the season. Sally from NY, Year Program
Be excited for "cooking bacon" at grill parties! Hint: there is no meat on the bacon — it's mostly fat! It was so good I would go back to Hungary just for that. Their bread is also huge and amazing. Try palinka, it is a big part of Hungarian culture. Enjoy the beautiful scenery! The mountains are amazing. Shaina from NJ, Summer Culture Program
Don't be afraid to speak their language; it's hard, but they really appreciate the effort you put forth in learning their language. Also, learn some Hungarian history, everyone will be impressed with you. Susan from WI, Summer Culture Program
The family lifestyle in Hungary is very tight. It is highly family oriented. Also, kids often take school quite seriously, and do spend a fair amount of time studying. Everyone takes public transportation, which is entirely new for me, and the food was very heavy. David from MD, Year Program

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Language Instruction

AFS Hungary offers language lessons in the first three months of program. The language training will take place locally and the format will vary depending on each local chapter, family and student. It may be taught by a school teacher or a volunteer with eduction in languages. AFS Hungary will also provide a langauge and exercise book to aid in learning Hungarian. 

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Movies and Documentaries
  • Sunshine (1999) <---A must watch!
  • White God (2014)
  • Hungarian Vagabond (2004)
  • Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)
  • Torn from the Flag (2007)
  • The Turin Horse (2011)
  • Hukkle (2002)
  • Stream of Love (2014)
  • Satantango (1994)
  • Time Stands Still (1982)
  • Made in Hungarian (2004)
  • The Red and the White (1967)
  • Son of Saul (2015)
  • The Diary of Éva Heyman: Child of the Holocaust (1988)
  • Santantango (1985)
  • The Door (1987)
  • The Melancholy of Resistance (2002)
  • The Good Master 
  • The Paul Street Boys (1906)
  • The Tragedy of Man (1861)
  • Fatelessness (1975)
  • The Great Escape (2007)
  • Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary
  • The Bridge at Andau (1985)
  • Skylark (2010)
  • Central Europe: Enemies, Neighbors, Friends (1996)
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