Student Visa

Dominican Student Visa Every international student enrolled in an educational program in Dominican Republic is recommending obtaining a student visa. We strongly advise that the process is initiated as soon as the student is granted the admission to the contacting the nearest Dominican Consulate.

All documents must be in original and copies (Judicial Background Certificate and Health Certificate). Student Visa to Dominican Republic BEFORE ARRIVAL TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC DESCRIPTION Student visas are issued for travelers whose purpose is to study in the Dominican Republic and who have already been accepted by a Dominican educational institution. This visa must be renewed each year for as long as the applicant fulfills the conditions required.

REQUIREMENTS Visa Form filled and completed in type or clearly printed. One (1) frontal picture size 2 x 2 inches, with a white background. Original passport valid for at least the duration of the requested visa or longer. Acceptance certification of the University or the Center of Studies. This submission should specify the level of studies to be performed, the institution selected and the duration of the program. Document with proof of scholarship (if applicable) or from the institution financially supporting the student, in the event that the studies are funded by an institution in their country of origin or a scholarship. This document must specify the amount of financial support or scholarship, and its duration. In both cases, this record must be written on official letterhead and certified by the institution.

Medical Certificate showing a diagnosis of the overall health of the applicant, indicating if he or she suffers from any contagious disease. It must be issued by the health authorities of the country in which the person resides at the time of application. This document must be notarized, translated into Spanish and both the original and the translation Apostilled. Alternatively, once the original document is Apostilled it can be sent for translation by the Consular Section.

Criminal Record Certificate issued by the appropriate authorities of the country in which the person resides at the time of application. This document must be notarized, translated into Spanish and both the original and the translation Apostilled. Alternatively, once the original document is Apostilled it can be sent for translation by the Consular Section. Not required for minors.

In the case of minors, permission of the parents or guardian when the applicant is not the mother or the father. If the child is not to be accompanied into the country by both parents, it is required that the parent who is not in the Dominican Republic authorizes the other parent to move with the child to the Dominican Republic. This document must be notarized, translated into Spanish and both the original and the translation Apostilled. Alternatively, once the original document is Apostilled it can be sent for translation by the Consular Section.

Legible photocopy of National Identity Document of the country of nationality and legible photocopy of the Residence Card if residing in a second country. Documents showing the applicant’s financial solvency (Letter of Bank, Letter of employment, titles of property). If a document is issued in the Dominican Republic, must be certified by a notary public and legalized by the Attorney General’s Office (Procuradoría General de la República). Legible photocopy of former Dominican visas or residence card (if renewal).

Visa application letter from the beneficiary addressed to the Consular Section containing name, nationality, place of residence and occupation. PROCESSING TIME Between 10 and 15 working days depending on date of travel, prior requests and staff availability.

PROCESING FEE US$115.00 AFTER ARRIVAL TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC All students with study visas Dominican Republic should manage the temporary residence permit. Students have 30 days after arrival.

REQUIREMENTS FOR STUDENT PERMIT: Item No. 81, paragraph g, of the Implementing Regulation No. 631-11, the General Migration Law 285-04 Student Permit is the permission issued by the Directorate General of Immigration all foreigners entering the country on a student visa, with no intention to reside there, in order to conduct regular studies in officially recognized establishments, for one or more academic periods. This permit is issued under section Nonresident Aliens Department of the Directorate General of Immigration.

To obtain a permit foreign student applicant must meet the following requirements, which shall be deposited in two separate and complementary folders:

Contents FOLDER 1: 1 .- “Request Form student permit – DGM-DE-NR-E-01” duly completed by the foreigner, whose fingerprints and signature will be taken before an immigration officer of the Immigration Department DGM

2. Birth certificate, duly apostilled or legalized, as applicable, and translated into Spanish if he has another language. In the event that the alien has acquired a different nationality of origin nationality, and want to apply for a student with this acquired nationality, you shall deposit a copy of naturalization, certified by the Department of Naturalization that issued it, apostille and translated into Spanish, if he has another language. If the student has been renamed, you must deposit the act where renaming is authorized, apostilled and translated into Spanish, if he has another language.

3. A photocopy of the passport, having the same eighteen (18) months minimum term. The D.G.M. It will be flexible in meeting this requirement and consider the reality of each country and the rigor of its standards in issuing passports. (Photocopies of all pages of the passport, including the cover and blank pages). NOTE- In the event that the name is registered abroad in the passport is different from your birth certificate, you must deposit the document that legally endorse the change, either: if the marriage has added her husband’s name ; the divorce decree if you do not want to appear with the name of the husband; the act of adoption, among others. These documents must be apostilled and translated into Spanish, if they were in another language.

4. Copy of the Student Visa (E) which entered the country, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Dominican Consulate in the foreign country (must attach a copy of the stamp affixed by immigration authorities responsible control of entry and departure);

5. No criminal record certificate issued by the competent authority of the country where they have lived for the past five (5) years, duly legalized or apostilled, as applicable, and translated into Spanish, if he has another language. NOTE – If the country of last residence is different from their country of origin, must endorse this certification of no criminal record a personal identity document declaring the country where they have resided for the past five (5) years.

6. Four (4) recent photographs of the front, size 2 x 2, and four (4) right profile, no jewelry or accessories and ears uncovered. 7. Evidence of acceptance issued by the study center which has been admitted as a student abroad. 8. Health insurance approved by the General Directorate of Migration (DGM), applicable in the Dominican Republic, valid for the period of study to pursue in the country. 9. Proof enough to cover their expenses during their studies and stay in the Dominican Republic solvency.

Contents FOLDER 2: (File for the process of medical examination) Original passport, it returned immediately be verified. Two (2) Copies of passport sheet where personal data are. Copy of the student visa. Copy of birth apostilled or legalized and translated into Spanish, if applicable. Copy of the Certificate of Acceptance issued by the study center where the alien has been admitted as a student.


1. Appear before Nonresident Aliens Department of the DGM, the authorized period of stay abroad to enter the country and place your student permit application. (30 days after arrival in the Dominican Republic).

2. Place the file Study Permit Application and documents required for medical examination (1 Folders Folders 2), Section Nonresident Aliens Department for evaluation and authorization. NOTE: The applicant must have completed the application form DGM-DE-NR-E-01, which will put his fingerprints and signature only in the presence of an immigration official at the time of depositing the file for evaluation. Assessment Section of the Department of Immigration shall assess the documentation submitted, if all documentation is correct, as the documentation for the medical examination, the processes will be allowed and the applicant shall pay the taxes corresponding to these two processes the Fund, which will receive a payment receipt. If documentation is incorrect or incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant with a note specifying the reasons for the return.

3. Completing the Medical Examination Laboratory Analysis that provides medical services to the institution. The applicant, with receipt delivered in the box in hand, which will be sealed by the Analysis Laboratory medical examination once completed. NOTE: The applicant should the medical examination made only in the laboratory indicated authorized by the Directorate General of Immigration 4. The complete dossier shall be deemed officially received by the Evaluation Section only when the applicant attach the payment receipts, duly stamped by the Analysis Laboratory Medical Examination. At this time, you will be assigned a file number, giving the applicant a proof of “tank record”. NOTE – The applicant must wait a minimum period of three months for the record is worked and refined by state security agencies. This deadline, the alien may check the status of your file by visiting the Non-Resident Aliens Department DGM, presenting sheet “Deposit Files”.

4. Assessment Results: If the application file has been approved, an appointment will be set with the applicant for the issue of Student Card; If the file is still under evaluation, the applicant receives status information in your file that is to follow; If the file has been rejected, the applicant will receive a communication rejection of his application for Study Permit;

5. Issuance of Permit Carnet Student: The day of the appointment, the student will be assigned a turn to take the photo. If the applicant is present without an appointment, to proceed with the taking of the photos in the Fund will pay the cost of the VIP service, or failing that, back in the day that is assigned appointment. The Library Study Permit will be issued the same day of the appointment, so the applicant must pass withdrawn by the Section of Non-Resident Aliens Department.


1. – It is important that at the time of the Library Study Permit, the applicant verify that all data printed on the card are correct.

2. Once the dossier has been approved by the Department of Immigration, the student has a period of six (06) months to proceed to withdraw its Library Study Permit. If the applicant overcome this term leave without removing his Carnet without just cause, you must restart the process Student Permit Application, submitting all required documentation to that effect and paying the taxes again. This process is defined as “Reactivation of record”. PROCESING FEE US$ 150.00 For more information: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Ministry of State for Foreign Affairs) Consular Department 752 Independencia Avenue calcc Tel: (809) 535-6280