What type of visa do I need?

You will be applying for a Residence and Work Permit for Students.

How do I apply for the Residence Permit?

You must apply in-person at your closest VFS Global Processing Center.

What documents will I need to collect in order to apply for the Residence Permit?

  • A listed of required documents will be sent to you by your Visa and Compliance Specialist.
    *You will also need to contact your consulate for a finalized list of requirements.

When do I apply for the Residence Permit?

Please apply for your Residence Permit as soon as you receive the support documents from AFS Denmark and AFS USA. We expect to receive these documents in late-May.

How much will the Residence Permit cost?

There is an initial processing fee of $420, which is to be paid to the Danish Immigration Service. We have already prepaid this fee to AFS Denmark and this charge will be included on your invoice. Please be advised that this fee is non-refundable and is due before your departure.

In addition to the initial processing fee, there is a biometrics processing fee of $33 and a courier fee of $30 – $60 which you are responsible for paying to the VFS Global Processing Center. Finally, you will need to pay an application processing fee of $241 to the Consulate General of Denmark in NY. 

Are there any other expected costs?

There are additional costs involved in obtaining and notarizing the required documents. There may also be additional costs associated with traveling to the VFS Global Processing Center for an in-person appointment.

Are any of these costs covered in my AFS program fee?

No, your program fee does not cover any of the costs related to obtaining your passport or visa.

Can I travel before the start of my program?

You should not plan any excursions outside of the United States three months prior to your program. As stated, obtaining a permit takes time and your passport will be required. If you travel before the start of your program and do not allow enough time to procure your permit, you will run the risk of not being able to participate on your program.

Fees and requirements are determined by immigration authorities and are subject to change at any time.