Life in Denmark

Speak Danish! Danes understand that Danish is a tough language for foreigners and will applaud any attempt you make at the language. DO NOT be afraid to make mistakes! Really try with the language, because once you start speaking, so many more doors open up. Andreanna from IN, Year Program
Be on time! Danish people are very punctual and find it offensive if you are late. Greta from NC, Year Program
I recommend you go to Fridays café; all schools have it. Also make sure you charge into language school from the start or life is going to be a challenge. Kyle from OH, Year Program
Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to talk to your classmates and other exchange students, and try attending whatever others invite you to, like parties or just hanging out.Allison from IL, Year Program
My suggestion is to not really question anything they ask of you (unless it is completely unreasonable), because it is only what they would ask of their own children. Andreanna from IN, Year Program
School wasn't a very difficult adjustment. Schedules are based around an entire week instead of one day, which makes it much less monotonous. You stay with the same group of about 25 in all your classes. And the school parties are awesome! Andreanna from IN, Year Program
Danish people can seem cold or distant when you first meet them, especially in school. You must be assertive and put yourself out there to make friends and close bonds. Francine from AK, Year Program
The activities outside of school were quite different. I did not fully take advantage of the opportunities. I wished I would have done something to have helped me adjust to the culture and language quicker. Andreanna from IN, Year Program

Digging Deeper

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Movies and Documentaries
  • Festen (1998)
  • Pelle the Conqueror (1987)
  • Olsen Gang Sees Red (1996)
  • Ordet (1955)
  • The Art of Crying (2007)
  • Drømmen (We Shall Overcome) (2006)
  • Good Things Await (2014)
  • Babette's Feast (1987)
  • The Daydreamer (film) (1966)
  • Escape to Danger (1943)
  • The Miracle at Midnight (1998)
  • Sunes Familie (1997)
  • Nothing by Jane Teller (2010)
  • The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
  • An Introduciton to Danish Culture (2011)
  • Conquered, Not Defeated (2003)
  • A Doll's House (1879)
  • Pelle the Conqueror (1906-10)
  • Hamlet (1603)
  • The Year of Living Danishly (2015)
  • The Almost Nearly Perfect People (2014)
  • Number the Stars (1989)
  • Sweet on Denmark (cookbook) (2011)
  • The History of Danish Dreams (2013)
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